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A One-Way Ticket To Explosiveville
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Previously on Heroes: The entire season happened. No, really. That's what the previouslys are on this episode. We get an entire story arc on every important character we've come across during the past year. It's kind of awesome. It's also kind of tedious to recap, especially since I'm typing this in the Poconos on a computer that is not my own because somewhere between my apartment and the road trip, I managed to lose the flash drive with the nearly-done recap on it. That's right. I might be drinking right now. It might be 10:30 AM. On a Saturday. You heard me.

So, whatever, Heroes, powers, special, history, read the recaps, it's all in there, including how cute Milo Ventimigilia is and how all the Heroes are either hot or cute or lickable and how Linderman is evil and how Bennet is now kind of awesome. The unwelcome return of the Moyawnder voice-over is making my tongue itch, so I'll just sum it up for you in a quick run-on sentence: Why are we here, what is our purpose, what's the point of asking questions, maybe we should just let the show flow over us and enjoy it, who will hold our hand when the bad times come, who will touch our hearts and share the pain of trying, Sendhil Ramamurthy is hot. Did I miss anything? No? Great.

For tonight's episode, the final one of the season, we begin with a slight repeat of the scene between Niki and D.L. and Linderman wherein Jessica leaves, Niki shows up, she and D.L. hug, Linderman fires his gun, D.L. jumps in front of his estranged wife, falls to the ground, and then recovers enough to phase his fist into Linderman's brain, effectively killing the old bastard. D.L. grunts and falls to the ground and Niki goes to him, asking why he didn't just phase around the bullet so that it hit her. Because he loves you, duh, Niki. Guards clamor at the door and D.L. implores Niki to leave him behind. She refuses and tells him to pull it together so he can phase them through the wall. Of course, the second the guards make it into the room, they're totally gone, so it would appear that D.L. retained enough of his powers to do one last phase.

We get another slight repeat of the Thompson death scene, which I like to think is the writers' way of saying, "Thanks for watching." Because this scene is all kinds of awesome. "What am I thinking now, Parkman?" "Your last thought!" BAM! Kick. Ass. So, Bennet and Parkman head into the lab to find the Walker System and, of course, they come across little Molly Walker cowering behind her bed. Bennet points his gun at her, Parkman is horrified, and Mohinder smacks him in the head with something and takes his gun and there's a considerable amount of gun waving going on. Bennet insists that by killing Molly, he'll save thousands of lives, but Mohinder's not taking any of his shit. Molly's his girl now (ew! Not like that, pervs!), and he won't allow any harm to come to her. While they're arguing, Molly goes to scoot under the bed to hide and sees poor Matt on the ground. "Officer Parkman?" she gasps in surprise. "Molly?" he says, coming to. Bennet and Mohinder: "ERRRRUUUUMMMM?" Molly informs the gunslingers that Officer Matt saved her from the bogeyman and swore that he wouldn't let anything happen to her. Matt sort of shrugs and says that he certainly did promise that and therefore, no one's getting shot here today.

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