How To Stop An Exploding Man

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A One-Way Ticket To Explosiveville

Out in one of the hallways, Mohinder and Molly are trying to get out of the building without running into Sylar. They come across D.L. and, even though Molly warns that he could be a bad guy, Mohinder, ever the healer, says he needs to help the fallen man. He says they need to get him out of there, so Molly goes to hit the elevator button. It's not working. Mohinder tells her to keep an eye out for guards or bogeymen. Cut to Yamagato Industries in Japan. Hiro and Ando appear out of nowhere and no one seems to notice. Ando excitedly tells Hiro that he was faster than Sylar. Hiro says he'll go back now to finish his task. Ando wants to come too. Hiro puts Ando's sword down on his desk because he has his daddy's sword strapped to his back, even though he totally didn't have it in the scene with Sylar, so I'm not entirely sure where the hell he got it. Anyway, Hiro says that he has to finish this journey alone. Ando says he's not afraid. Hiro knows he isn't, but he still has to go alone. Ando says that, one day, people will tell the story of Hiro Nakamura. Hiro smiles and hands Ando his father's sword so that Ando will know he'll be back. Ando thinks that this means Hiro won't be able to kill Sylar, but Hiro says that it's not the sword, it's the man. "This man is ready," he says. "Hiro," says Ando, "You look bad-ass." Hee.

Deveaux Rooftop. Peter's still in his coma-induced dreamtime. Deveaux says, "Invisibility -- always thought that that'd be a good one to have." Peter asks if this is a dream or if he's time-traveling. Deveaux doesn't think it matters; all that matters is that Peter's there. Actually, it does kind of matter, but I think the writers were out getting an end-of-season drink during the story meeting for this scene. Deveaux says that Peter came there because he needed to hear the truth before he could save the world. "I save the world?" Peter says in surprise. "You've had the power all along, Peter," says Deveaux. "You just needed to learn how to use it." "Why me?" asks Peter. "Because there has to be someone who's good," says Deveaux. "There always has. And your heart has the ability to love unconditionally. Like I told you, in the end, all that really matters is love." Deveaux looks off into the house and yells out that he's tired. Past Peter comes out to get him and they exit as the camera spins around on Future Peter's face. We hear Bennet shouting his name over and over again.

Cut to Peter, in the alley, coming to. He grabs Bennet and demands to know where Claire is. Bennet tells her she's safe with Peter's family. Peter tells him to get out of town, but Bennet says he's sticking by him because he saved Claire's life. "I told you I owed you for that," says Bennet. "Consider this payback." Peter worries that if he can't stop himself from exploding, no one will be there to take care of him and save New York. Bennet holds up his gun. "I'll put you down myself," he says with a terse smile. "Don't worry. I'm a pretty good shot." "Thank you, Mr. Bennet," says Peter. "Call me Noah," says Bennet. HAHAHAHA. I will never call him Noah, thank you very much. He will always be Bennet to me. Heh. They walk off to find Sylar in Kirby Plaza.

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