How To Stop An Exploding Man

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A One-Way Ticket To Explosiveville

At the same time, Molly's telling Mohinder that the guards are coming. Niki appears with Micah and they both run to D.L. Mohinder says that they have to go right NOW. Niki walks over and easily removes the door knob from the door, making it difficult for the guards to enter. I like her now that she has her strength and knows how to use it! They all run to the elevator, where Molly tells Micah that it won't work. "Yes it will," says Micah. He puts his hand to the button and the elevator arrives. Niki easily lifts up her husband and she and Mohinder get everyone onto the elevator. The doors close just as the guards arrive.

Down in the plaza, Peter and Noah (ha!) are looking around for Sylar, but they see nothing. Peter then observes that Sylar might be hiding in plain sight, by which I think he means that Sylar might be invisible. This would mean that Sylar had to have killed Claude, which might explain the blood all over the superstudio. I don't know. I'm grasping at straws here. Either it was blood or it wasn't, but if it wasn't, then how is that Sylar shows up right now without anyone seeing him and he's directly behind Bennet as if he's been there all along? He taps Bennet on the shoulder and immediately TK's him across the plaza, smashing him against a pole. Peter backs off until he's standing opposite Sylar with some space between them. "What took you so long?" Sylar sneers with a teeny upturn of his mouth. Heh.

Let the endgame begin.

Sylar: "Haven't I killed you before?" Peter: "Didn't take." Hee. Sylar laughs for a millisecond, then "grabs" Peter by the throat with TK. Peter starts choking. Sylar: "You think I'm gonna let you ruin it all? Take all the glory?" Bennet is struggling to get his breath back; he might have several hundred broken ribs. Just then, Matt shows up and starts firing away at Sylar. Somehow, Sylar is powerful enough to keep Peter in a chokehold while using TK to stop Matt's bullets in mid-air. He grabs and twists them until they fire back at Matt, hitting him simultaneously in the center of his chest. He goes down. And yes, there is blood leaking from his chest, so I think those of you out there who thought maybe Matt was wearing a Kevlar vest might want to rethink that.

Mohinder and his motley crew come racing out of the building. They're all about to run to safety when Mo sees Matt in the distance. He runs to tend to Matt's wounds. Sylar still has Peter in his chokehold. He reaches out for a parking meter, just as Niki is covering D.L. with her coat. She sees Sylar clearly getting ready to kill Peter, so she gets up and runs over to him. Sylar gets the parking meter and hits Peter with it. Sylar: "Did you really think you could stop me?" He raises the meter in the air, intent on delivering a killing blow, but Niki's there and she stops him by grabbing the meter out of his hands and hitting him in the mid-section, HARD. He drops like a sack of wet noodles. Micah hollers out to Niki that D.L. needs her. Peter grits at her, "Go back to your family. I got this." She tosses aside the meter and runs back to her husband and child.

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