How To Stop An Exploding Man

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A One-Way Ticket To Explosiveville

Peter walks right over to Sylar and hits him in the face once, twice, three times a lady. It's clear that Peter's absorbed Niki's powers. He hits Sylar a fourth time, but Sylar just starts laughing and laughing and laughing. Peter's hands start glowing, and I think that Sylar somehow knew that if Peter got overloaded with powers and also allowed his anger to get the better of him, he'd get taken over with the radioactivity and explode. Peter staggers off and Sylar gets to his feet. "Turns out you're the villain, Peter," he sneers. "I'm the hero." Peter tries to breathe and control the radioactivity, but it's not working.

Suddenly, Hiro appears. "Sylar!" he calls. Sylar turns. "You..." is all Sylar says. Before Sylar can even react, Hiro just runs forward and stabs him through the heart. "Yatta!" says Hiro, breathing heavily. He pulls out his sword and Sylar stumbles a bit, and then finally falls to the ground, supposedly dead. Peter calls out for Hiro and they run to each other. "You can stop this," says Peter. "I need you to kill me!" But before Hiro can even lift his sword, Sylar raises his head and delivers one last TK before (possibly) dying. Hiro goes flinging off through the helix sculpture and manages to teleport himself out of there just before he hits a building. Peter looks over at Sylar and we see Sylar's eyes go white again and the previous scenes flash across them, ending with what we're supposed to assume is Sylar's death (although the jury's still out on that one, I think).

Peter's hands are still glowing and he can't stop them. He drops to his knees and time slows down. All the people surrounding him watch as they wonder if this is their last moment on earth. Claire comes careening into the plaza. She goes to her father and he looks at her. She takes the gun from him and runs over to her uncle. He's getting worse. He stands up as Claire takes aim. "Do it," says Peter. "DO IT! You're the only one, Claire!" "Tell me there's another way, please!" she says, crying. "Shoot me!" he tells her. "There is no other way!" Suddenly, Nathan swoops down out of the sky and lands in front of his daughter. "Yes, there is, Claire," he says. OH MAN I JUST GOT CHILLS WATCHING THIS AND IT'S EIGHTY DEGREES OUTSIDE.

"The future isn't written in stone," Nathan says, gently pushing the gun down. "I took his power, Nathan," says Peter, his entire body pulsing with white-hot light. "I can't control it. I can't do anything." "I'm not leaving you, Peter," says Nathan, walking toward him. "There's another way to end this and you know it." "I can't let you die," says Peter. "And I can't let everyone else," says Nathan, turning to look at his daughter. He turns back to his brother. "You saved the cheerleader, so we could save the world." He kind of gives Peter a look that's like, "Come on, bro. You know we have to do this." Peter, in turn, gives him a look that's pure heart. "I love you, Nathan." "I love you too." ACK! Nathan glances up at the sky. "You ready?" Peter nods and Nathan moves quickly over to him and takes his brother in his arms. They fly up into the sky as everyone looks up after them. I can't see the screen of my iPod because my eyes are COVERED IN TEARS. Everyone but Mohinder and Matt get up on their feet and watch the sky as we see a nuclear explosion beyond the atmosphere. "What happened to them?" asks Niki. No one has an answer. Bennet turns to his daughter and they hug. Molly hugs Niki. D.L. hugs Micah. Sylar bleeds.

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