How To Stop An Exploding Man

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A One-Way Ticket To Explosiveville

Later that evening, Mohinder and Molly watch as Matt gets wheeled into an ambulance. Molly runs to him. "Please don't die, Officer Parkman! You're my hero!" It sounds cheesy, but trust me, it's really effective. Matt's an ashen gray color, so I'm not sure if he's gonna make it. "We dream of hope, we dream of change," says the Moyawnder voice-over. "Of fire, of love, of death. And then it happens. The dream becomes real. And the answer to this quest, this need to solve life's mysteries, finally shows itself. Like the glowing light of a new dawn." What? What the hell does that mean? Shut up, Moyawnder.

Bennet sits down next to his daughter, his arm in a sling. "Let's go home," he says. "Home where?" says Claire. "Our house burned down." It's more like it exploded, sweetie, but that's an excellent point. "Home is anywhere our family is together," says Bennet. "You've got a plan, right?" says Claire with an air of irritation. He just raises his chin at her and they share a smile. He puts his arm around her and they walk off as Moyawnder CONTINUES talking about NOTHING. "So much struggle for meaning," he says. "For purpose. And in the end, we find it only in each other. Our shared experience of the fantastic, and the mundane." The camera pans over the fountain, where we can clearly see the outline of the "S" symbol drawn in lights beneath the surface. We then see the patch of blood where Sylar fell and I can tell you right now, it looks like a wolf. And then it looks like he dragged himself over to a nearby sewer. The grate cover is askew. "The simple human need to find a kindred," continues Moyawnder. "To connect. And to know, in our hearts, that we are not...alone." The camera closes in on the sewer cover and we see the cockroach from the very first episode crawling all over another chyron: "END OF VOLUME ONE."

Fade out. And fade in on a blue sky with a falcon keening through it. Close up on a field of grass with a mountain range in the distance. "VOLUME TWO" says the chyron across the blades. "GENERATIONS" says the chyron across the blue sky as Hiro falls out of it and onto the grass with a "WHUMP!" He groans as he raises his head. And that's when he sees a dozen or so samurai warriors on horseback in the distance. They draw their arrows at him. He gets up to run but stops when he sees a lone samurai on the hill. He's carrying the Kensei sword and flying the "S" symbol on his flag. The warriors shout at him as their horses go crazy. "Dai pinch," is what it sounds like Hiro says. But the subtitles say, "@#!&##!" so I think we can assume that Hiro's saying the Japanese version of "Holy shit!" Yet another chyron tells us that it's 1671 and we're outside of Kyoto. Suddenly, a shadow falls over the sun and we see that there's an eclipse coming. Everyone looks up at the sky.

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