How To Stop An Exploding Man

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A One-Way Ticket To Explosiveville

Ancient Sword Repair Shop. Hiro and his father exit the shop. Hiro's all concerned about Ando running off to kill Sylar. Hiro thinks Ando will die. Daddy Hiro agrees. Hiro doesn't want to abandon his buddy. Daddy Hiro couldn't care less. All he's worried about is Hiro completing his mission to save the world from batshit crazy Sylar. But Hiro wants to run after his boyfriend. Daddy Hiro is like, "You suck then." Hiro is like, "I totally don't suck just because I want to save my friend whom I'm totally not in love with." Daddy Hiro is like, "Sadly, I beg to differ." Hiro is like, "I'm really talented! I can go save Ando AND kill Sylar! I can do it all!" Daddy Hiro is like, "Whatevs. Here's your sword. Make me proud." Hiro is like, "Teleport."

Cut to the chyron, "How to Stop an Exploding Man," which is superimposed on a big-ass palette of paint. Sylar's vision-painting again, only this time, we get to kind of "see" what he sees behind his foggy white eyeballs. Images swirl across the blank canvas as Sylar appears to interpret them. Images also flick across the blank canvases of his eyes, but they're so fast they're hard to catch. What he sees must not be to his liking, however, because the second his vision clears, he goes, "PETER PETRELLI!" And then tosses some TK at the painting of Peter dropping off a building, slicing it in half. Leave the canvases alone, Sylar. They're not hurting you. Stop the innocent slaughter of canvases, you reprobate!

Total Eclipse of the Heroes for the last time until next season! Gah!

After the break, we catch up with Nathan, who, instead of celebrating his landslide victory with cake and champagne, is just sulking around his office, glowering into any available reflective surface. His mother enters and informs him that Linderman's dead. Nathan gets this look on his face like, "Oh, shit. Mayhaps I shouldn't have told Niki and her husband where to find him, then." Ma Petrelli doesn't seem to notice the guilty look on her son's face, and she just tells him that Linderman was murdered, but this doesn't change anything about their plans to make him President. Then she walks over and puts her hands all over his back in this way that is either indicative of a secret incestuous crush she has for her eldest child or some heretofore unknown superpower she has that somehow requires her to get all handsy with people. Seriously, she comes up behind him and flattens both hands on his back in this really creepy way. Maybe it's just because she has bright red talons for nails, but still -- it's really unnecessary. Nathan thinks so too because he turns around right away and just tells her that he agrees that this changes nothing and the world is going to need him after the explosion, so he's still totally on board with the President Nathan plan. Ma Petrelli then grabs his face and kisses him on the forehead, even though she might really want to lick his lips or something because OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER? I mean, I want to lick Nathan's lips too, but I didn't give birth to him!

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