How To Stop An Exploding Man

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A One-Way Ticket To Explosiveville

Kirby Plaza. Again. Some more. Niki and D.L. are shuffling around, trying to find Micah. D.L. tells her to leave him behind because he's just dragging her down. She once again refuses to leave him, but D.L. insists. Niki pulls that, "I'm toooo weeeaaaak!" bullshit that she used to do back before Jessica took over and I'm just telling you right now, if this character comes back next season, she better be on board with the idea that it's HER who has the superstrength, not her fucking alter ego, because this whining crap was old twenty goddamned episodes ago, so it's not like it's going to get more INTERESTING next season. At any rate, D.L. tells her that she's the strong one, and always has been, and Niki seems to buy into this, so she kisses him and tells him to stay put, which, hi, he has a bullet in his gut, I don't think he's going anywhere, and then she runs off to find her son.

Elsewhere in Kirby Plaza, Mohinder and Bennet are attempting to drag Thompson's dead body out of the hallway and into the lab. What follows is this hilarious scene practically out of an early Coen brothers movie, wherein Bennet and Mohinder basically bicker like an old married couple at each other. Bennet's like, "We gotta hide the body so the guards don't wise up to us." Mohinder's like, "Perhaps you should have thought of this BEFORE you busted a cap in his ass." Bennet's like, "HE WAS GOING TO SHOOT PARKMAN. AND ME." Mohinder's like, "And Molly? Was that self-defense too when you screeched into her room and pointed a FIREARM at her?" Bennet's like, "Dude. I didn't know she was a KID. Also? She's dangerous." All this time, they're struggling to maneuver Thompson's body across the floor and into a big toxic waste container. Hee. "You're gonna have to learn to start trusting me, Dr. Suresh," says Bennet as he picks up Thompson's feet. "Yes, because that's worked out for me pretty well before," spits Mohinder, picking up Thompson's head. Hee.

Bennet says that the organization he used to work for used to have standards and morals and a guiding mission; now, however, it's just gone straight to hell and is run by a bunch of sneaky, murderous bastards. Mo picks up immediately on the "used to" part of Bennet's speech and questions it. Bennet's like, "Yeah, I used to punch in on their time clock, but now? All I care about is my family." Mohinder's like, "All I care about is Molly. And I won't let her be used for evil means. She can do good in this world." Bennet says that if the OWI gets their hands on her, he won't have a choice in the matter. Mohinder declares that because she has his antibodies running around in her system, he's responsible for her. That's when Matt runs in and says that something's wrong with Molly.

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