How To Stop An Exploding Man

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A One-Way Ticket To Explosiveville

Bennet's phone rings and it's Claire. She tells him that they're still in New York and that Sylar got Ted's brain. Bennet's like, "Well, there goes Plan A, then." He tells her to put Peter on the phone. After I recover from a bout of giggles brought on by the ludicrous sight of Milo Ventimigilia with a bright pink Sidekick held to the side of his face, I'm able to concentrate on the scene at hand. Bennet tells Peter that since he has Ted's power now, he's the only one who can possibly stop Sylar. Peter stoically takes this news and just says, "Now all we have to do is find him. Any idea where we start?" He's very sexy in this moment, even while talking into that stupid bubblegum phone. Bennet says he has a tracking system they can use, but that it's being fixed right now; as soon as it's up and running, he'll call Peter back with Sylar's whereabouts. "Whatever you do, you keep Claire safe," says Bennet. They hang up.

Peter immediately drives into a parking garage. Claire's like, "What the hell are we doing in a garage?" Peter doesn't answer, but it soon becomes clear what they're doing there when he parks in front of a still-glowering Nathan. Is he in a permanent bad mood or what? Lighten up, Nathan! You're about to become the leader of the free world! Peter holds up his finger to Nathan in the universal sign of "Just gimme a minute here" as Nathan stares at them both. Claire's pissed. She thinks Peter lied to her and that they can't trust Nathan. Peter says they can and that Nathan's never let him down. He hasn't, really, but that doesn't mean you should trust him, Peter. The guy's constantly one step away from shady, dude. "Think about it, Claire," says Peter. "We can't do this alone." "No, YOU think about it!" Claire snaps at him. Hee. I love it when she gets all bitchy on him. Claire thinks Peter's being a tool. She says that Nathan doesn't care about anyone except himself. "He doesn't care about ME and I'm his own daughter!" Good point, Claire. Peter finally gets to the truth of the matter and says that he's afraid and he needs his brother to help them. He overhears Claire's thoughts, but since they're just a rehash of the "You lied to me" variety, they're not all that noteworthy.

Peter gets out of the car and goes over to his brother. Nathan asks what the emergency is and Peter tells him that it's Sylar who's the bomb, not him. Peter has to stop him from exploding. Or something. He tells Nathan that he knows this is a lot to process, but it's real, and they have to stop it. Hey, Peter, since Nathan knows he can fly, knows you can absorb powers, has a daughter who can regenerate, and watched Linderman make his wife walk again, I think it's safe to assume that he's already pretty damn sure all this shit is real. Nathan asks Peter what the hell he expects him to do about all this and Peter just pleads with his brother to help him. Nathan pulls Peter off into the foreground so that Claire can escape from the car and run off. There's really no other reason for this move.

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