How To Stop An Exploding Man

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A One-Way Ticket To Explosiveville

Nathan tells Peter that Claire shouldn't be involved in all this because she's just a kid. Peter says that she has to stay with him because if they find Sylar and Peter can stop him and something goes wrong with Peter, Claire's the only person who can stop Peter. You get that? Nathan says that Peter will be fine and Peter looks at him like, "Wait -- you know something I don't?" Nathan, who has insider information, gets this look on his face like, "Um. Wow. I probably shouldn't have revealed that. Lemme just cover by saying that Peter can regenerate, which he totally told me, so he probably can recover from a bomb explosion." That's when Peter hears Nathan's thoughts and they say, "There's nothing you can do to stop it, Peter. They're all gonna die." Peter is horrified. He backs away from his brother. "Claire was right about you." Claire, meanwhile, has made it to an exit, but unfortunately, the Big Bad Grandmother Wolf is there to stop her. Peter turns to look for Claire and sees that she's missing. He runs after her, with Nathan following, but Peter goes invisible, leaving Nathan with no brother to chase. Peter runs out into the alley behind the garage and his hands start glowing. He hyperventilates, unable to control them. He promptly passes out, so tragedy is avoided for the time being.

Speaking of passing out, Molly's in bed with the Three Unwise Men hovering over her. Bennet would really appreciate it if the kid would wake up and start finding Sylar. Mohinder would really appreciate it if Bennet would stick it up his ass and have some patience because the kid just received a hefty dose of Mohinder Life Serum and she's still recovering from it. Molly wakes up and asks if they're talking about the bogeyman. They say they are. She says she can tell them where he is. They hand her an atlas and a push pin. Matt asks if she can find anyone in the world and she says, "Almost anyone." There's only one person she doesn't want to find and he's worse than the bogeyman because when she thinks about him, he sees her. She whispers this last part and it's really creepy, so I'm thinking that we might have our new villain for next season somewhere in that statement.

So Molly does her finding thing, which seems to involve her fluttering her eyes a lot and thinking of Sylar. She locates him in New York, of course, on the Lower East Side. And, even though she's looking at an atlas, not a Streetwise New York map, Matt identifies Sylar's precise location, down to the damn STREET he's on. Bennet immediately recognizes this as the area where Isaac Mendez lives. Bennet calls Claire and Peter, only Ma Petrelli picks up the phone instead. Bennet's all, um, when did my daughter get so old? And rude? Ma Petrelli identifies herself as Claire's grandmother and says that Claire's with her family where she belongs. "I'm her family!" shouts Bennet territorially. "No, you're the man we gave her to to look after and keep safe," she coldly says to him. "A job you haven't done particularly well." Bennet asks what they're going to do with his daughter, and she just says they're going to take her somewhere safe. She suggests he get somewhere safe as well, seeing as there isn't much time. Bennet asks to say goodbye to Claire.

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