How To Stop An Exploding Man

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A One-Way Ticket To Explosiveville

Claire gets on the phone and assures her dad that she's fine and that she's going to try to get the hell away from this whack-ass crazy family as soon as is humanly possible. Bennet tells her not to bother and says that she's at least safe with them, which is more than he can say for Peter or himself. He says that as soon as she's safely out of the city, she should try to get away. He wants to find Peter, but Claire has no idea where he is. She asks if Bennet has a plan, and he unconvincingly says he does. They tell each other "I love you" and ring off. Matt enters and Bennet tells him their new priority is to find Peter Petrelli. Matt thinks his only priority is to go find Sylar and fill him full of bullets. Bennet thinks this is stupid because, hi, Sylar's a bad-ass and only Peter can stop him and Sylar will probably make Matt dead within seconds of coming into contact with him. Matt's just all forced bravado and is like, "We'll see about that." Yeah. Guess we will, Officer Dumb-ass.

Meanwhile, Peter comes to in the alley, only he's not in the alley anymore, he's in the greenhouse on the rooftop of the Deveaux building. It's in the past, though, because everything is fresh and clean and still intact instead of ruined and dilapidated and filled with grumpy invisible men. Peter watches as his past self comes out onto the rooftop with Richard Roundtree in a wheelchair. Ma Petrelli is there too. Peter parks Shaft at a table, and Ma Petrelli takes a seat opposite him. Peter walks off and runs into Simone in the doorway. They introduce themselves and move toward the greenhouse. Future Peter ducks and weaves, trying to hide from them, but it soon becomes clear that either this is a dream, or he's invisible, because neither of them acknowledge his presence, even when they're looking right at him.

Past Peter and Simone share a flirtatious little moment in the doorway of the greenhouse, but then they start talking about death and nursing and it kills the mood. Future Peter listens in as Simone thanks Past Peter for being a nurse and taking care of her dying father, even though it must be hard. Past Peter says that nursing is easy; dying is hard. He tries to boost Simone's spirits by saying that her father's final days don't have to be sad; they can be beautiful. Simone looks like she'd like to hit him and then kiss him. Or maybe vice versa. Past Peter says that dying is the one thing that connects us all and Simone calls him a hero for tending to dying strangers. Then she takes his hand and says she's going to show him the house and get him settled in. Past Peter looks like she just said, "Come inside and watch me take my clothes off while you eat a bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy, big guy." They leave, giving Future Peter a chance to concentrate on the more important conversation happening at table six out on the patio.

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