How To Stop An Exploding Man

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A One-Way Ticket To Explosiveville

Shaft Deveaux and Ma Petrelli seem to be discussing the Petrelli boys. Deveaux thinks that if her boys had powers, she'd know it already. He asks about Nathan, and she says that Linderman has declared that Nathan will be ready when the time comes. Deveaux says that Linderman might be banking on the wrong Petrelli son and that Peter has compassion and empathy and heart, which is what this world needs; not the strength that Ma Petrelli seems to value so highly in her eldest boy. Ma Petrelli exhibits her ice-cold heart when she says, "Don't get me wrong, I love Peter, but that poor kid can barely get out of his own way. He's ruled by insecurities. He's weak. No. Trust me. This bomb is going to go off. And Nathan is going to be the one the world turns to." Deveaux thinks the tragedy might not be inevitable and Ma Petrelli just says that, at the end of all this, one of them will be right and one of them will be wrong. Well, that's helpful. Peter watches all this with a stunned expression on his face. Ma Petrelli kisses Deveaux on the forehead and leaves. "I know you're there, Peter," says Deveaux, looking in Peter's general direction. Peter looks at him like, "D'oh!"

Superstudio. Ando enters with his borrowed samurai sword brandished. He looks terrified, but stalwart. He moves through the room and comes across a painting of Sylar and Peter facing off against each other in Kirby Plaza. We know it's Kirby Plaza because there's that big red helix sculpture in the background. Oh, and also because the words "KIRBY PLAZA" are actually scrawled across the top of it. Because how will anyone know where they are if they can't READ IT FOR THEMSELVES? Ando gets closer to the painting and slips in what looks like blood. I know there are debates raging about whether or not this actually is blood, but it's glossy and wet and when seen from above, it looks remarkably similar to the patch of blood that appears later in the episode (you know what I mean) and I think if it's not blood, it's some really high-gloss oil paint there because it's seriously viscous.

So Ando slips in it and gets this "oh shit" look on his face and, sure enough, Sylar's right behind him, looking all evil and stuff. Ando spins around and tries to use his sword, but Sylar just TK's it out of his hands and across the room. Sylar grabs him by the neck and TK's him up against the opposite wall. Ando chokes. Sylar looks amused as he picks up The Last Comic that fell out of Ando's jacket. "A comic book that predicts the future," sneers Sylar. "What will they think of next?" He pages through it and laughs as he comes across the final panel of him being stabbed by Hiro. He's like, "Oh, sure -- this is how I'm going to die? At the hands of a silly little anime character? I don't THINK so!" Ando's like, "Hiro's not silly! He's cute! Also? YOU CAN'T TAKE MY BRAIN." Sylar's like, "Oh, PLEASE. Like I want YOUR BRAIN. Do you do anything other than run around after your little buddy? No? No powers? KEEP YOUR BRAIN." Heh. Also? I love the way Zachary Quinto says "Braaaaaain." He's totally shouting out to us, y'all.

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