How To Stop An Exploding Man

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A One-Way Ticket To Explosiveville

Sylar demands to know where Peter Petrelli is, but Ando has no idea. So Sylar starts TK-ing him somewhere on his body -- I really have no idea what he's doing, but Ando looks increasingly uncomfortable, whatever it is. Hiro shows up just then and, even though his father gave him a sword, he has to pick up the sword Sylar flung across the room. I...don't know. Hiro orders Sylar to let Ando go and Sylar just turns. "I don't think I'm going to," he says in his best serial killer drawl. "All you have to do is stop time before I slit his throat. Can you do that little trick?" Hiro lowers his sword and there's a pause. Then he blinks, disappears, and reappears next to Ando. He blinks again and they both disappear. Sylar's like, "DAMMIT! Foiled again! If it weren't for those pesky kids!"

Uch. Time to go back to Niki and the Neverending Search for Micah. She tries a bunch of doors and finally comes across one that's ajar. She enters and there sits...Jessica, looking fabulous as always. Niki's confused. We're not, because we know it's Candice, but Niki's never been the sharpest tack in the pack, so she's thinking her alter ego has somehow separated from her. "Look what you did, Niki," trills Candessica. Niki looks around and sees Micah, face down on the floor. Candessica taunts Niki and calls her weak and useless and then she kicks her in the face.

Superstudio. Matt enters with his gun drawn, but no one's there. He sees all the paintings Isaac did of the future and he recognizes several people and situations. Then he notices the blood, which we now see is dripping off the bottom of the painting Sylar did of the Final Showdown at Kirby Plaza, so I guess it's...not blood? Or it's Sylar's blood? Or it's just really red paint that looks like Sylar dipped his brush into a bucket of pig's blood? The hell? Matt finally learns to read and sees the KIRBY PLAZA splashed across the canvas and he runs off. Gee, that was a productive scene. And so necessary too! We cut to Kirby Plaza where Mohinder is telling Molly that they need to get out of there because Matt called and he thinks Sylar is on his way. Molly does her creepy searching thing and says that Sylar's not on his way; he's already there.

Landslide Victory Headquarters. Ma, Nathan and Claire enter his office and Ma says that the helicopter will be picking them up from the roof in ten minutes. "When the jet lands tomorrow morning, you'll be safe," she says to Claire. "But everyone else will be dead," says her granddaughter. Nathan and Ma Petrelli exchange a long look and Claire can't believe that neither of them are going to do anything to stop this. Ma Petrelli explains that it's inevitable, but Claire shouts that the future isn't set in stone. Nathan fears that this future is. "If everything is so inevitable," says Claire to Nathan, "then why has she been trying to keep us apart all these years?" Nathan looks to his mother with an expression of, "Hmmmm" on his face. "There are things you simply aren't mature enough to understand yet," says Ma Petrelli. The girl can stab herself in the eye with a fork and grow a new eyeball, lady, how mature do you think she is? She's been almost raped, died more than once, and watched several people around her explode and/or get stabbed in the head with glass, let's try to give her the benefit of the doubt, you bitch.

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