How To Stop An Exploding Man

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A One-Way Ticket To Explosiveville

Claire tearfully asks how she can let her own son die like this, and Nathan says that Peter won't die. "Thanks to you," says Ma Petrelli, "Peter has the ability to survive." "So he lives," says Claire, "and kills millions of people. How can you let him be responsible for something like that? And how can you live with yourself if he is?" This last question she directs at Nathan, who's looking increasingly unnerved by her questions. Nathan just moves to her and says that this is all going to make sense very soon, he promises. Ma Petrelli reaches out and says that they're offering her everything she's ever wanted; a place to belong, a family. Then she looks at Nathan and they have another one of their staring contests until finally, Claire moves into Nathan's arms and hugs him. Ma Petrelli looks smugly pleased with herself. And then the most awesome thing happens. Claire says, "I already have a family." AND JUMPS OUT THE WINDOW. It's so fucking cool. She just dives right out and splats onto the pavement below. Ma Petrelli and Nathan run to the window and watch as Claire slowly gets up, brushes glass off of herself and just walks away. "I know what you're thinking," says Ma Petrelli. "Let her go, Nathan." Actually, Mommie Fearest, I think he's thinking, "Damn. If Claire hates us that much, maybe we AREN'T nice people and maybe I SHOULD save the world instead of becoming pres-o-dent."

Cut to Candessica and Niki, ass-kicking currently in progress. Niki's basically just taking the beating and not fighting back at all. Fortunately, Candessica hits Niki into a mirror, shattering its pieces onto the floor. While Candessica takes a bit of a breather, the real Jessica appears on one of the glass pieces and tells Niki that that's not her and she has to stop her. Niki ONCE AGAIN whines that she's not strong enough and Candessica hears this. "Who the hell are you talking to?" Suddenly, Niki pulls back her arm and lands a punch square on Candessica's face, throwing her back about twenty feet into the air. Niki looks at her hands, all surprised, even though, back in the prison, she totally had a moment of superstrength that she couldn't attribute to Jessica, so I don't know why she doesn't just get over this shit already and start kicking multiple asses on a daily basis.

Anyway, with Candice down for the count, the illusion she created just melts away and Niki sees her for who she really is: some chick passed out on the floor. Micah shouts for his mother from elsewhere in the apartment and Niki runs to find him locked in a closet. She easily wrenches it open and Micah asks if it's really her. She catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror and sees that it's just her. They embrace and it looks like Niki's finally integrated Jessica into her personality. Now maybe she'll stop whinging about not being strong and shit.

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