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In Mohinder's lab, we pass a chyron with the episode title floating in a ghostly manner, and then get to Mohinder, whose skin is still peeling off his back, the better to sprout bug-wings with, I guess. Still, you hope he's at least tried some Noxzema or Vitamin E oil or something. Mohinder listens to a tape of himself logging his progress, but it's all stuff he told Maya before, and this storyline is irritating enough without a rehash of what happened two episodes ago, not to mention the fact that this ruins the seemingly blessed lack of a voiceover from him. Mohinder makes another entry, saying that the only negative effect so far of taking the formula is an "unusual rash," and the jokes are too easy here so I'm going to let that one go. Mohinder is presently interrupted by the sounds of a domestic disturbance coming from somewhere above him...

...and we cut to him knocking on the door of the source apartment. Some brute answers, and we hit all the marks in rapid succession -- the girl cowering in the corner, the guy being a racist dickhead on top of being an abuser -- until Mohinder decides he's tired of this shit and bashes the guy's face against the door frame a couple times with his newfound strength. But of course the girl rushes over, screechily yells at him to leave them alone, and immediately tends to her tormentor. Look, I'm not saying this doesn't happen just like this all the time in real life, but this scene was baked in the Oven of Television Clichés in a very hasty manner, so maybe we could move on to something slightly more interesting, okay?

As Zimmerman talks to Tracy, we start on a closeup of two pictures: The first is that shot of Niki Big Hair we saw last episode, and the second is of Zimmerman, one of the triplets, a woman who looks suspiciously like Mary Kay Place, and, I think, The German. Zimmerman tells Tracy that she was one of three triplets, the other two being Niki and the mysterious Barbara, and they were ideal test subjects, as their birth parents died, so they separated them and used a formula to manipulate their DNA and make them incredible. "Speed, strength...is it something like that?" From the look on her face, if it were, she'd be knocking your glasses about fifty feet off your face right about now. Instead, Tracy angrily asks why, and Zimmerman tells her they were arrogant and selfish. He starts to tell her about The Company, but loses focus and explains, "They made us forget." He's presumably telling us that he had a visit from The Haitian, although frankly the fact that Zimmerman remembers as much as he does means either that The Haitian was uncharacteristically sloppy, or the writers are sacrificing sense for plot. Which is more likely is for you to decide. Tracy heads for an apoplectic fit as she tells him he has to take her power away, since it's hurt people already, but he says he can't, so she grabs him and starts toward a replay of The Greatest American Reporter's icy death, but before Zimmerman really solidifies into a popsicle, Tracy lets go, and the effect is reversed. Zimmerman shakily says he's sorry, and Tracy breathes, "What have you done?"

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