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One Peter Down…

...into Sylar's cell in the present. He immediately grabs Sylar by the neck and holds him against the wall and tells him he took his power. Sylar: "You took my ability. You have the hunger. You're like me." Peter tells him he'll never let himself become like Sylar, but Sylar smiles, "You already are. Brother." Family dinners around here are going to be one hot mess.

We see Matt lying twitchily on the ground, eyes still white, and then flash to the painting of the dead blonde in his arms. You'd think she would have been entirely consumed by the explosion that was strong enough to obliterate an entire town, but I suppose as image of him running his fingers through a bit of goo wouldn't have been as picturesque.

Back in the future, Molly and Matt watch a news broadcast about the tragedy in horror. Molly starts to blame herself, but Matt snaps at her that Daniela needs her bottle, and she should go take care of her sister. The newscaster somberly says that it's hard to imagine anyone left alive, which OF COURSE is the cue for a knock on the door, like the show doesn't have enough problems without over-reliance on cheap call-and-response bits. Anyway, it's Daphne at the door, and she smiles at Matt in a lame attempt to deceive the audience, but then she admits, "I wasn't fast enough." We switch angles to reveal that her back is burnt to a crisp, which of course still makes no sense, because I'm so sure with a mortal injury she could have run all the way across the fucking country only to swoon and die in his arms. But that is of course what happens...

...and then Matt snaps awake and babbles about the future, looking around at NeoIsaac's paintings and saying they're all going to come true. He rushes over to the painting of him and Daphne (and to be honest, the image that's supposed to be him looks more like his father -- is this NeoIsaac being clever?) and says he has to find her. NeoIsaac tells Matt that he needs to find his totem -- a spirit guide that attaches to his subconscious that will lead him on his journey. Matt asks if that's some "African mystical mojo thing," and NeoIsaac responds with one of the few bright spots this episode: "Carl Jung. Analytical psychology. You don't read much, do you?" HA! Matt so deserved that. NeoIsaac tells him that the totem is usually an animal, and if he thinks about his dream, he'll find his guide. He walks off, and Matt looks down -- to see that turtle again. Hee. He starts trudging after it with a resigned air before stopping with a "Seriously, WTF" face. If the rest of his storyline this season is just him aimlessly following the turtle, I will not complain at all.

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