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One Peter Down…

Hiro and Ando have been brought in for judgment, and as The Haitian silently stands guard, Mama Petrelli asks them where Kaito's half of the formula is. Instead of telling her that Hiro lost it for no reason other than that he was bored with picking his ass, Ando asks what the formula does, and Mama Petrelli tells him, "It can turn people like you into people like us, and that will lead to disaster." Hiro confesses that the formula is gone, and Mama Petrelli tells him that means "they" have both halves, and their side has lost. "Your father loved you dearly, Hiro. He had faith you would grow up to be a great man, but he was mistaken." Looks like Mama Petrelli's opinion of the younger generation doesn't end with her own children. Hiro abjectly bows his head and says he's sorry, but Ando has had enough of this and tells Mama Petrelli that this is Hiro Nakamura she's dealing with, and he won't rest until the formula is safe. Mama Petrelli doesn't point out that the fact that he won't rest is precisely why the formula is not safe, instead leaning forward with a secretive air and whispering that someone powerful and hidden is manipulating them, and that entity must be stopped. She goes on that Hiro is the only one who can help. "You have the key to unlocking this entire mystery." Hiro's like, "Buh?" but it wouldn't be that hard to figure even if you hadn't seen David Anders's name in the opening credits...

...and we cut to Hiro and Ando digging Adam up. Too bad Hiro is being made to undo one of the few clever things he's done on the show. They open the coffin, and there's Adam lying there just as pretty as can be. His eyes pop open, and he quickly grabs his imprisoner by the neck and seethes, "Hiro, you son of a --" I think we've all filled in that blank at one time or another. See you next week!

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John Ramos is a writer and producer living in Los Angeles. You can reach him at couchbaron@gmail.com.

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