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One Peter Down…

At a Company facility, Claire is standing over FP's corpse, which has a bullet wound in the neck, when Future Daphne superzips in with Knox walking in behind her. Cool effect, but makes no sense, because like she couldn't walk normally from on the five feet from the door to the gurney, but let's focus on the positive, as her hair is much different -- kind of a straightened Bettie Page look. Really, it looks like a wig Syd would have worn on Alias, except blonde instead of bubblegum pink or purple or whatever. Daphne practically giggles as she congratulates Claire on killing Peter, but Claire tells her the bad news: that there's another Peter from the past running around. Knox lets us know they have orders to kill Peter, and Claire pointedly says they need to use Molly, a suggestion with which Daphne obviously has some trouble. Knox threatens Daphne, and although she tells him she's not afraid of him, Claire counters that she does fear Peter. "And you know he won't stop, not ever. Until we find him -- and we kill him."

Back in the present, Hiro and Ando are on Level Two, and Hiro's whining that they have to let him out so he can save the world. I feel like I should start referring to Hiro as "Brownie," just to emphasize what a hell of a job he's been doing in that department. Hiro then thinks they should try to escape through the vent, but Ando is steamed not about Hiro's incompetence, but the fact that Hiro said he didn't need him. Ando takes the long way to make the point that Hiro still holds that vision of the future against him, and Hiro admits it: "How could you kill me?" That blast of electricity looked just fine to me, but if you like, I'm sure I can come up with several other ideas. Ando says he wouldn't, "but I'm starting to understand why I might." I like how he's starting to think.

Nathan is staring out the window distractedly when an aide comes in and tries to get him to make a decision about a desk while Linderman watches. This is what I was talking about when I said the storylines varied in entertainment value. Nathan thinks Tracy should do it, but the aide informs him that she's unreachable at the moment. Nathan chooses to ignore Linderman's recommendation, and then he and Linderman have a boring conversation about Nathan not trusting him and missions of God and murdering millions and whatever. Linderman also tells him he wants to make him President, and at this rate I'm waiting for Simone to walk in like she never died, because how is this different from Season One, other than being a lot worse?

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