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One Peter Down…

Maya enters Mohinder's lab and starts talking about what a mess it is and how the milk's gone bad and blah. Nag, nag, nag. Once you have super-strength-fueled bug sex with a chick, it's like she owns you. Mohinder seems rather sensitive to the light, so maybe he's turning into a bat instead of The Fly, and after she tells him he doesn't look well and playfully tries to get him to go outside, he half-yells that he's been working so much for her, to try to find a way to remove her abilities. She does not appreciate that the way he apparently thinks she should, though, saying that she came because she cares about him, and if he wants her to go, she will. If only she'd give the rest of us that deal. He chases after her and apologizes, however, saying he's just tired, and he wants to find the answers for her. She regards him for a long moment, and leaves. When she's gone, he makes another journal entry and confesses that the rash is spreading, and he's concurrently becoming more aggressive. "The formula is transforming me, and I fear... I fear what I'm becoming." He puts the recorder down...

...and we stay on it, but the dust that quickly settles on it and the elephantine cockroach that crawls over it, as well as several progressively-more-electronicized repetitions of Mohinder's last declaration there, suggest that we're now four years hence again. Peter enters the lab, calling Mohinder's name, and looks around, checking out one of Isaac's paintings before Mohinder's voice cuts in: "What do you want?" We flash-pan over to Mohinder, who's wearing a hoodie and is completely in shadow, as Peter says he needs Mohinder's help -- he wants him to tell him everything he knows about Sylar. He then realizes, however, that something is rotten in the state of Suresh, and it's not the milk this time. Mohinder suddenly drops to the floor, and the Foley guys go nuts with the scuttling sounds until Mohinder grabs Peter from behind with a scaly hand or claw or wing or whatever, startling him. He tells Peter not to repeat his mistakes, and given that FP just basically told him the same thing, there's a lot of pressure building on him. Especially since, you know, he's an idiot. Peter asks what happened, and Mohinder breathes that he was selfish and impetuous in wanting abilities. Well, duh. If Maya figured that one out, it wasn't that hard to figure. He goes on that he got the formula wrong. "Several." Peter asks about Sylar, and Mohinder tells him his power is dangerous, and Peter doesn't understand. He won't give any more information up, so Peter simply pulls it from his mind -- Sylar is out at the Bennet house in Costa Verde. Mohinder cries for Peter not to go, but Peter teleports out of there, leaving us to look at another of Isaac's old paintings on the wall.

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