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One Peter Down…

Peter enters the Bennet house, hands aflame (this is actually smart on his part, because he's using a power Sylar isn't known to have at this point, unless I'm remembering wrong) when a young boy comes bounding down the stairs and tells him, "Hey, Uncle Peter. Dad's making waffles." The kid runs off before Peter even gets to be all "Who in the what now?" so he follows him into the kitchen, where he sees Sylar wearing an apron and his old nerd glasses, and affectionately telling the kid that Mr. Muggles, who's fittingly mugging for the camera, has to get some waffles too. Sylar then sees Peter and comes over and gives him a big hug, saying he hasn't seen him in so long. As jaunty Yankee Doodle Dandy-esque music plays, he puts a brotherly hand on Peter's cheek: "If I'd known you were coming, I would have made extra." He fails to add that as it is, Peter is SOL, because if he cheats Mr. Muggles out of any of his waffles, the coming apocalypse will look like a walk in the park by comparison.

Via a chyron, we learn we're with "Gabriel and Noah." HA! Looks like Sylar found an innovative way of keeping a Noah as his partner. Sylar pours milk on Noah's cereal, but when Noah asks where Peter's scar is, Sylar tells him to eat up while he and Peter go talk in the other room. They repair to Bennet's old study, which has an easel conspicuously displayed, and Sylar notes, "You're not from around here, are you?" Peter reflexively backs up, but Sylar goes on that Peter must be from the past. "Which means to you, I'm the boogeyman." Well, whatever else may have happened, you did cut his bangs off a while ago. That alone means you can't be entirely evil. Sylar adds that it's a hell of a thing, Peter coming there to find out they're brothers, which of course shocks Peter (or it would if Milo Ventimiglia could act), but Sylar doesn't miss a beat, saying that he's not going to give Peter his ability. Peter tries his mind mojo on Sylar, and when that doesn't work, tells him FP is dead, and he needs Sylar's power. Sylar talks about the hunger that goes along with it, saying that it turned him into a killer, and every day now is a struggle to control it. "But I fight it, for him." Sounds like rhetoric he learned at Brainslicers Anonymous. I just wonder what his sponsor is like. Peter says that if he had Sylar's ability, he could understand the variables, and -- "save the world," Sylar finishes. Peter tells Sylar about the coming apocalypse, and dares Sylar to paint it. Sylar looks at Noah, and then tells Peter, "Don't let him see me. Not like this." Removing his glasses, he goes over to the canvas and closes his eyes...and when he opens them, they're milky white. I wonder how he did that without a Walkman, but maybe he just turned it invisible.

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