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One Peter Down…

So Matt and Daphne are a couple, and have custody of Molly, apparently, as well as a newborn baby, Daniela. They have a silly argument about using Molly to find Peter, but the real issue is that Matt can't believe Daphne's willing to risk her life going after Peter, but Daphne says she will in fact stop putting herself in danger -- but only after they catch Peter, which hopefully won't be that difficult. Sometime later, Daphne reports to Knox and Claire that Peter is in Costa Verde. Knox notes that Claire is afraid, and she retorts that she killed her uncle that day, so how about not being so ridiculous? She starts to head out, but Knox grabs her and says, "Unlike you, Daphne and I can die. So get your head on straight." Claire grabs her arm away, although it would be much more of a "fuck you" to Knox if she chopped it off and grew another one right in front of him.

Sylar has painted the same image of the world split in two, although at this point I thought that was the present, not the future, and also, given that we're seeing that damn thing all over the place, he must not get out much. Anyway, this is enough for Sylar to hand Peter his old Sylar watch, but currently the face is broken and the mechanism isn't working. Sylar querulously tells Peter that the watch is a reminder of what he was and what he can be again, and goes on that in order to access his ability, Peter has to fix the watch. "Listen to it -- like a symphony, every piece has its part, all coming together in perfect harmony." Sylar never struck me as the type to buy the world a Coke, but I suppose having kids can change anyone. Peter opens the back and start telekinetically playing around with the watch components as Sylar continues to wax philosophic about how this will allow him to understand how anything works -- action/reaction, even how to change the future. I could listen to you all day, Sylar, but I'm still not buying. Peter succeeds in fixing the watch, which is pretty good for someone I'm not sure could fix his shoes if they were tied together, and Sylar breathes that he has it now. "I'm so sorry." Just then, Noah calls urgently for Sylar, which we quickly learn is due to the fact that Daphne and Knox are holding him. Claire steps in from the other side of the room and tells Peter to come quietly, and they'll leave the other two alone. Sylar tells Peter to teleport out of there, but Peter won't leave, having brought the trouble into his house. Claire jumps all over this, saying it was her house, and Sylar took everything from her. The fact that Mr. Muggles didn't even come over to say hello does support her statement. She points the gun and tries for a villainous smile as she asks what it's going to be, and I think Hayden Panettiere is terrific but she, to use the show's own reference, looks like a Care Bear trying to act rough. They need to give her FP's scars now that he's dead, because her tough-guy act is coming off as overacted and false and is just reeeeeeally not working.

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