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One Peter Down…

Peter steps forward and tries to tell Claire how he's not the same guy as FP, but she's not interested in the slightest, so he asks her how she got this way. Claire: "I learned how to take care of myself." She points the gun at Sylar, but Peter has absorbed Daphne's power, so he superzips toward Claire and decks her. So why did she take The Haitian before and not now? Did Daphne superzip them all out there (doesn't seem like that's how her power should work, anyway) and they couldn't take The Haitian because her power wouldn't operate in that case? Whatever -- until I'm convinced the show cares, I'm not going to, either. Daphne zips toward Sylar, knocking him through a wall, and when he gets back to his feet, he sends Noah into the kitchen to take cover. Daphne superzips circles around Peter, punching him like a speed bag (oof, sorry) and then running away, while Knox menaces Sylar, who's a brave little toaster, saying that he knows Knox feeds off fear, and he's not afraid of him. Knox, however, has a terrified ace up his sleeve -- Noah, and he uses his fear to throw Sylar down onto the table, which breaks, and then kick him and the debris across the room -- right into his son. Sylar frantically digs Noah out, but it's too late, and as Peter and Daphne both watch in horror (she's got kids too!) Sylar turns into his old self before our very eyes as he starts whaling on Knox, while Peter takes advantage of the opportunity by TKing Daphne into the wall, knocking her out. Sylar pounds away, but his hands are now glowing, Ted Sprague-style, and after he subdues Knox he cries out in pained rage. Peter desperately calls, "Gabriel!" and starts toward him, presumably hoping to do for Sylar what Nathan did for him, and Claire, having gotten back to her feet, points her gun, but they're both too late, as Sylar explodes, and we pan back to see a huge mushroom cloud. So this is the future they saw, and Peter unwittingly helped create it. Why is anyone even bothering to try to save the world here? It never works!

Hiro's fruitlessly trying to use his belt to do some business with the vent, and Ando gets frustrated with how useless and stupid he's being, so he grabs it, and the two of them have a little tug of war, won by Ando, who follows up by getting the belt hooked properly and pulling the vent cover off on the first try, because he is the member of the team that is not a useless boob, and I only wish someone would hand Hiro's powers to Ando and never look back. Speaking of which, how exactly are Hiro's powers being suppressed? Does The Haitian have to wait outside the door 24/7, and if so, did they at least give him something interesting to read? Anyway, Ando tells Hiro to enjoy his escape, since clearly Hiro doesn't want him around, but Hiro of course can't get up to the vent himself, so he asks for Ando's help again. Cut to Hiro struggling on Ando's shoulders, and as he does, he tells Ando that he's always been by his side, and he's been a terrible friend to him. Ando: "Maybe now is not the time for apologies." Heh, Hiro can't even get that right. Hiro swears he can change not only the future but also himself, and then he makes it up to the vent, and there is much celebration -- until Ando turns to see The Haitian standing there with an unamused look on his face. Hiro, sensing something's wrong, tremulously calls Ando's name. Heh.

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