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One Peter Down…

There's a story on the front page of the "New York Chronicle" about the Greatest American Reporter being missing and feared dead. No offense to him, but... a front-page story? Really? Who cares? And why would anyone "fear" him dead? Couldn't he just be doing some freelance work? But this is all so Tracy can call the police and start to talk to the detective working the "Jim McCann" case, only to get upset and freeze the receiver in her hand. Here's a tip: Speakerphone. After several "dramatic" cuts (see what I mean about the melodrama?), she breathes, "I killed him," and drops the phone, which shatters, of course.

Mohinder logs his failure to reverse the formula's effects (wouldn't Claire's blood be worth a try? I mean, I know Mohinder's an idiot, but since he actually knows about its restorative effects, you'd think it might occur to him) and after we see some sticky webbing on his fingertips that suggests spider instead of fly or bat, he goes to answer a knock on the door and finds the abuser guy from upstairs, who clocks him one good and says he stuck his nose in where it didn't belong. The guy's not swift enough to be freaked out by the fact that that haymaker didn't even send Mohinder to the ground, though, but he sort of catches on when Mohinder snarls, "So did you," and grabs him by the lapels and pulls him into his lair. His last thought as Mohinder is cocooning him will probably be, "Is this a gay thing?"

Oh, Lord, Nathan's praying for guidance OUT LOUD (really, show?), but Tracy thankfully interrupts by turning up and handing Nathan her resignation letter. Completely contrived -- she feels the need to officially resign before offing herself? Of course, it would be a cool twist if within the resignation was a suicide note, but you'll forgive me if I'm not going to credit the show with anything clever that isn't a visual effect. Maybe she just wanted to say goodbye to him. I can understand that. Nathan's shocked, of course, that Tracy is leaving him, but doesn't make a huge thing about it, merely asking if there's anything he can do to change her mind. Tracy: "No. I know what I have to do now." Let me guess: Something to do with greenscreens? When she's gone, Linderman appears in Nathan's seat and tells him he must pray for guidance. "This is your path. You're just going to have to trust me, Nathan. You must help her!" Nathan looks stricken...

...and we cut to a "bridge", on which Tracy is standing as she stares down at the "water." As I've said before, I think the effects on this show are normally deserving of awards and accolades galore, but I think someone was on vacation for this scene because this is the most fake-looking setup I remember seeing on this show. Charmed would have pulled this off better. Anyway, Tracy jumps, but we see Nathan swoop by, and moments later, he floats up, holding her in his arms like they're crossing the threshold. Which was probably the intention, given what's coming in the future, but wouldn't it be a nice dose of magical realism if they reappeared in a mess of intertwined limbs and pulled hair? I'm sure some of the first takes with Pasdar and Larter in the harnesses looked like that, anyway. They fly off into the commercial break.

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