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One Peter Down…

When we return, they're at her place, and she's fixing them both a much-needed cocktail. He asks if she's okay, and she wonders if maybe she was overhasty in recommending him for Senator as she duhs, "No." They sit down, and are hilarious as she's like, "So... you can fly?" and he jumps her line, "Yeah." Hee. She then reveals her power, and he's impressed that her hands aren't even cold. I'd be impressed too, but if she froze my drink like that I'd still have trouble not slapping her. Nathan is not gay, though, so he refrains, and Tracy responds by grabbing his face and kissing him. If attempted suicide leads to Pasdar-sex an hour later, I'm surprised more people aren't giving it a shot.

Nice cut back to the future, where, in a plaza with a "Pinehearst" sign, Nathan, now indeed President, is giving a speech about the tragedy that destroyed Costa Verde. Tracy, the First Lady, stands by her man as he tells everyone to pray together as a nation. Said prayers are not going to be enough to stop his brain from flopping out of his skull rather soon, but let's not get ahead of ourselves...

...because it's time for some shirtless Peter. Hey, shirtless guys with good bodies is not one of the elements of soap operas I frown upon. He's tied to a gurney next to his dead future self when Claire and The Haitian enter and Claire overacts about how his teleportation power won't work. Duh. As she picks up a scalpel, she tells him 200,000 people (and Mr. Muggles!) died in Costa Verde, and he needs to feel the pain of every single death. I don't usually find myself defending him, it's pretty hard to deny that said deaths are a thousand times more her fault than Peter's, but I'm finding that less compelling than I normally might at the moment. Claire cuts him once, and after enduring that pain, he tells her that her world doesn't have to be like this, and he can save her. She's unimpressed, and cuts him again, and I thought they were going to go for the ironic twist by having her slice up his face, but Nathan enters along with some Secret Service-types and says he wants a moment alone with Peter. Claire: "Is this the President or my father speaking?" Heh, I wonder if Claire's gone out for drinks with Chelsea Clinton or Amy Carter yet. He tells her it's both, so she reluctantly leaves the room, along with The Haitian and the SS types (are they really allowed to do that?). Nathan tells Peter he knows what he's doing -- he's seen the image of the world splitting in half. He releases Peter from his bonds as he tells him that he's strong, but "one man cannot save the world." When he has powers from a jillion and one people, I kind of think he can. Peter's stunned, though, to hear that Nathan intends to deploy an army of people with abilities, and Congress has agreed to "full proliferation" because of Costa Verde and him. Peter is speechless, so Nathan goes on (while looking at FP's corpse) that he knows he thinks the worst of people, but they were created in God's image, and there's a goodness to man. Peter grits that Nathan's been manipulated before, so Nathan invites him to read his mind. Peter immediately accepts that offer, but after he's done, he suddenly raises an arm and hoists Nathan into the air. Peter breathes that he sees that Nathan believes he's doing the right thing, but he isn't. I'm guessing that Sylar's power is giving him an ability to see the broader ramifications of Nathan's intentions, but it could be that he's just talking bollocks because he's hungry. Peter advances on Nathan in almost a trance, childlike in his curiosity, as he creepily breathes that he needs to understand, and he raises a finger and slices Nathan's head open. Given their history, it seems kind of ironic that Peter killed Nathan without even touching him. Once Nathan falls to the floor, though, the spell is broken, and Peter looks horrified as the SS types suddenly start banging on the door asking if Nathan's okay. And this is why you don't pick Sarah Palin as your VP. Peter teleports the hell out of there...

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