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For the second straight week, we have scenes in the "previouslies" that never actually aired on the show, which I absolutely refuse to recap, because the quality's been low enough lately without paying homage to the Desktop from Dawson's Creek, wouldn't you agree? Anyway...

...we start by revisiting the end of last week's episode, but then move to "18 Hours Earlier," and we get a close-up of some guy's eye as he wakes up. Take a closeup of my eye halfway through this episode and it'll look like a reverse playback. Anyway, this dude is Sylar, who seems most distressed with his current appearance, and asks why this keeps happening, and although he's talking to no one in particular I'll still answer: Good question. He shifts back to his normal appearance and then grossly pulls a tooth out of his mouth before asking, again out loud, "Who are you?" Dude, do you ever have a thought you don't verbalize? Shut up!

Matt's on the phone with Janice, who's been released from the agents' custody, and after cutely putting the phone to his son's ear, Matt tells Janice he'll get him home soon. Once they hang up, Hiro and Ando appear, and when they hear what Matt's going to do, they worry that the agents will show up again. Matt assures them he's got a plan, which isn't necessarily reassuring to those of us who have watched the show before, but after Hiro babbles about Matt possibly reconciling with Janice, Ando suggests he help them take out Building 26. Matt doesn't think that's such a great idea, and pushes aside Hiro and Ando's hero-worship of him in order to declare that he doesn't want to risk not being there for his son, which seems perfectly reasonable, especially since he came within a hair of dying at Danko's hand twice in recent memory. I'm surprised, though, that no one suggests Hiro and Ando track down Peter -- strength in numbers and all that. Matt concludes that his son is a "game-changer," and the use of that expression atypically doesn't make me want to punch anything, but what can I say, the kid really is cute. Hiro and Ando are also stymied by Matt's devotion to his son, so Hiro gives him leave to take the kid home while they head to Building 26. Matt, however, refuses to share its location with them, though, pointing out they don't have any plan and could get hurt or killed, and then takes off after Baby Matt cutely waves at his two friends. Aw. Once they're gone, Ando points out that Matt is right -- they don't have a plan. Hiro replies, "A hero never concedes defeat," which as total non-sequiturs go is reasonably inspirational.

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