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We open in Patzcuaro, Mexico (a good place to hide out, actually, so nice touch), to which Nathan and Claire have apparently fled. They check into a motel, and after some hijinx in which Nathan speaks Spanish to the clerk while Claire tries English and then the guy assumes Nathan's there to bang his underage daughter, the two of them head to their room. On the way, Nathan tells Claire that while his exposure meant the end of her free pass, "Danko's reach doesn't extend south of the border." Well, given that Nathan's well aware Danko plucked Hiro right out of Japan, I'm not sure what he's basing that statement on, but it's not like the show really wants us to remember anything it didn't put in the previouslies. He promises to "make some calls" and "put some things in motion," and I think he's continuing to be delusional, unless his idea of putting things in motion is getting a bad case of Montezuma's Revenge. Once they check out the room, Nathan suggests they head to a nearby cantina, but Claire points out that they just spent all the money they had on the room, and decides to go for a walk. Nathan absently suggests they stick together for her safety, but Claire basically ignores him and leaves. Dude, she's a blonde chick wandering the streets of a Mexican village alone. Maybe exert a little more parental authority here, because Bennet will slap you silly when he finds out about this if you don't.

Peter and Angela touch down in an alley in New York somewhere, and Angela refers to him as her "guardian angel" and tells him he's a good son. He retorts that he only saved her because he figured she had some valuable information, but she says that's not the case -- in fact, she's looking for answers herself, which is why she had him bring her to their current location. Rain starts pouring down as she goes on, "This is where it's supposed to be," and we see they're standing in front of a large church. She starts heading for the door, and Peter follows, probably prepared to catch his mother in case the place repels her with an electric shock or something.

In Arlington, Virginia, some agents are lying dead in a house somewhere, and Bennet and Danko have arrived to find out what the hell happened. The agent who was left to guard the entrance explains that his three cronies entered the place to try to take a presumed Hero, and the next thing he knew, he heard three gunshots, and then he rushed in and found the men as they now are. He then vomits from the ordeal, and Danko orders him back to HQ to get cleaned up. The guy leaves, and Bennet informs Danko that they each took a bullet in the back with no signs of a struggle. Danko tells us their intended target was a male geometry teacher in his early 30s, but he doesn't know what his ability is, only that his DNA was in the national database and set off a red flag. Bennet all but wags his finger at Danko in disapproval, but he's not worried about encroaching on people's civil liberties, as Danko speculates -- he just thinks it's prohibitively dangerous to send in a team without knowing what they're up against. Danko shuts Bennet up merely by mentioning Nathan's name, but he seems kind of out of sorts, almost like a junkie who needs a fix, to be honest...

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