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An Eclipse! An Eclipse!
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Lord, Mohinder won't shut up as we get flashbacks of the first eclipse. He mentions dwelling on his own insignificance, which I wish he would take up as a full-time job. It's not like he'd have a lot of down time.

So as Arthur holds Hiro's head in his hands and tells him he can't have him dreaming about him, as it's too dangerous, Hiro continues to yell like the world's foremost disciple of primal-scream therapy. This season's been rough on all of us, dude. We then get a little Crouching Ando, Hidden Dragon action, but Arthur telekinetically catches Ando mid-hurtle and tosses him away. As Hiro stops yelling in favor of staring blankly ahead, Arthur tells him he had one simple job to do, and instead he had to come clean up the mess. "That's what I get for sending a boy to do a man's job." In fairness, the men on this show haven't been giving a great account of themselves either, a case in point being that Arthur doesn't just KILL HIRO ALREADY. We get an odd closeup of NeoIsaac's decapitated head, I guess because when you spend that kind of money to produce that effect you want to show it off, and then Arthur is startled when he looks back and sees a new painting -- one depicting an eclipse. Of course, with all the upcoming references to it you could be forgiven for thinking there will actually be seventeen eclipses in the near future, but we'll just go with the one for now. Arthur walks over to take a closer look, giving Ando the opportunity to tackle Hiro, which snaps him out of his daze. It does not, however, snap him out of the apparent Arthur-induced idea that he's a child, and as Arthur turns back and starts to approach them again, Ando desperately asks Hiro what he's thinking about. Hiro gets the Homer Simpson drool face as he says that waffles are on his mind, so Ando runs with that, telling him to blink. As Arthur reaches a hand out for each of them (again, why he didn't just kill them both is beyond me), Ando actually closes Hiro's eyes, as if that should have a chance in hell of working, but we focus on Hiro's face...

...as the lighting changes, and they're back in Tokyo, in a bowling alley at which they apparently make Hiro's favorite waffles with chicken. Hiro is excited, but then asks Ando why he's so old, and while his mind may be addled I still think he'd wonder why HE'S IN AN ADULT'S BODY TOO. Oh, there he goes, looking in a mirror and wondering why he's so old. Ando asks what age he thinks he is, and the answer is ten. As someone with a comparable mental age, I'm insulted.

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