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Jump, Die and Fail
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Without a break between episodes or chyrons that introduce us to Chapter Two, we keep right on going. Claire heads to the mixer, where we see Annie playing Guitar Hero. Claire sees Gretchen, who apologizes for being nosy. Claire says it's okay; she just wasn't allowed to talk about it before, so it was weird to do so. She gets philosophical about how she thought she could take what she liked about her life and leave the rest behind, but apparently not. Annie finishes her game and calls Claire over to play with her. Gretchen says Annie's horrible and has been hogging the game all night. Claire says it's her roommate, then walks over to Annie. Claire tells Annie she was going to play with Gretchen. Annie asks if Gretchen knows how, and Gretchen snits, "No, but Gretchen doesn't care." Okay, I actually prefer Annie to Gretchen, even though I don't think that's the intent. Claire says she'll play with Gretchen since they both don't know how. They start to play, and I refuse to recap this other than to say: They play. It's dumb.

Ando has wheeled Hiro on a dolly back to the office, and is hiding him from Kimiko. He manages to get him into an office, where he shakes him and finally wakes him up. Hiro doesn't know what's going on, so Ando explains that instead of freezing time, time froze Hiro. And Hiro's nose is bleeding. Ando wants Hiro to talk to a doctor, but Hiro won't do that. He says he's already seen a doctor for the nosebleeds and headaches, but didn't tell Ando, because it's bad news: Hiro's dying. Wait, that's bad news how, exactly? Ando thinks Hiro should time-travel to save himself, but Hiro says he can't. He pulls out the photo of the three of them as kids again, though, and says that was the day he wanted to become a hero, after he got a fortune at a carnival saying he would be one. But Hiro says he can't change the past. It's his code. Hiro freezes again for a moment, and then comes back and says he's not sure what happened, but he was back at the carnival, and... then he disappears. I like that better than him having to squeeze his eyes shut all the time. And now he's at the carnival 14 years ago.

Then Hiro's face shows up on the tattooed lady's back. She tells Samuel his name, and that he was at this carnival 14 years ago. Samuel leaves and approaches an old guy with breathing tubes, and says he knows he's sick, but needs him to use his power once more to send Samuel back 14 years, where there's a guy who can help them fix the past. The old guy thinks it's a good idea, so he'll do it. [Or, Samuel could wait for him to come back to the present? Maybe? - Zach]

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