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Kissing a Fool. Or Two.
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Previously on Heroes: Claire cut off her toe to see if she's related to a lizard; Mohinder found the Haitian Sensation in Haiti, of all places, and then cured him and sent him on his way to Mr. Bennet; West the SuperStalker continued his habit of creepily watching Claire through windows and witnessed the Great Toe Regeneration of 2007; Peter saved Sir Shamrock's little sister from a bunch of Irish thugs and learned his name in return; and Hiro discovered that Takezo Kensei is more than just a personal hero to him, he's actually a REAL Hero and seems to be able to come back to life after being shot through with a bunch of arrows.

We begin this episode in Ireland, where Peter is asking Sir Shamrock what he has to do to get his life back. Sir Shamrock says that Peter just has to do them a favor, and it seems to revolve around Celtic taking on AC Milan. One of the Shamrock Boys pipes up, "We're talkin' football, yeah? Soccer?" Peter just shoots him a glance. "I lost my memory; I'm not stupid." Heh. You're also not shirtless, Peter, so I'm not really paying attention to anything you say.

The grand plan that Sir Shamrock has come up with involves robbing an armored car of the takings from the local booking joint. All Sir Shamrock wants Peter to do is distract the guards so the gang can get them out of the way and get its hands on the money. Sir Shamrock declares that if Peter helps them get this money, he'll get the box with his identity, and everybody wins. That's when Peter overhears the other Shamrock Boy think, "Not everybody, Sideshow. That money is mine." Peter, stupidly not remembering that he can hear people's thoughts, immediately turns and accuses the guy of speaking all this out loud. Unfortunately, all this does is make everyone jump on Peter's ass. Sir Shamrock shows him a Celtic tattoo on his forearm that he calls his "family crest." He says that he trusts his "brothers" a hell of a lot more than he trusts Peter.

Somewhere in Mexico. The Black Goo Duo is still stumbling for the border. Alejandro wants Maya to stop and take a break, because she's a big hot mess and he's not sure she can make it any further. She doesn't want to stop because they're almost at the border. So Alejandro gets the bright fucking idea to steal a car. In broad daylight. Off a busy street corner. He breaks the window and, of course, there's a cop right near by, so he sees all this and immediately gives chase. They run off with him following. As I watched this with my fellow recappers at TWoP Towers, the responses varied from, "Oh for God's sake -- you already BROKE INTO THE CAR, why don't you steal it and DRIVE AWAY instead of running? You're not getting anywhere ON FOOT!" to, "Maybe now they'll RUN for the border instead of SHUFFLING. Christ on a cardboard cutout of Sister Mary Sunshine, GET TO AMERICA ALREADY."

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