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Note to New York: Watch out for the guy with the glowing hands and the crazy eyes.
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Previously on Heroes: Okay, what is UP with the previouslys? For weeks now, they've been running that "ordinary people discovered extraordinary powers" voice-over shit that like explains to us the ENTIRE history of the show. Listen: if we're watching it now, let's assume we were watching it then and WE KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON.

That being said, last week's show was kind of Act One of a three-act play, so it was a bit slow, but still compelling, because even a boring day on this show is a trillion times more awesome and exciting than 95% of the shows out there. In short, Sylar killed his mommy accidentally (Sylar's a freak), Hiro tried to kill Sylar but he chickened out at the last minute and Sylar broke his sword (Hiro's a pussy), Nathan had to choose between saving the world or becoming president and guess which way he's going on THAT one (Nathan's a power-hungry dicksmack), and Peter gave Claire a gun and told her to shoot him if he goes nuclear (Peter's a downer). The whole episode wound up with Peter nearly going nuclear in front of Ted, Matt, Bennet and Claire.

We open this episode with a repeat of the final scene from last week. Claire runs to her father, they hug, Ted warily watches as Peter's hands glow, Matt looks vacantly into the distance and dreams of hoagies -- you get the picture. Peter tries valiantly to get his newly-acquired radioactive power under control, but it looks like he's not succeeding. Claire and Bennet move toward him and Peter shoots her a panicked look. "Claire -- you know what you have to do," he gasps. Claire pulls out the gun Peter gave her. "Do it," orders Peter. Claire points the gun at him and all of a sudden, he's like, "WAIT! HANG ON! UM! YEAH." Then he clenches his fists and…the red hands disappear. "I'm okay!" he says in surprise. And…scene. Like I said in the recaplet, that was…anticlimactic.

Cut to Hiro, staring at his broken sword. He thinks his mission is over because he pussed out on killing Sylar. Ando thinks the sword is still sharp, yo, so why not just use the pointy end on Sylar and leave the busted-up end at home? Hiro doesn't care HOW sharp the pointy end is, he's not fit to wield it. Ando's all, but dude, we used to be nerds. Now we're on an adventure. Hiro's all, I suck. Ando's all, dude, you totally don't! Also? I don't want to die, so you have to kill Sylar! Hiro's all, did I mention the sucking? Would you like me to draw you a diagram of how much I suck? Because we ARE in Mystery Sock's Superstudio and there are plenty of blank canvases and paint scattered around.

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