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Sylar Has a New Crush
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We open on a comic bookish shot of the back of Peter's head with his collar pulled up, then car lights come from in front of him. It's Noah, and the chyrons say, "Outside of New York City: 86 Hours Ago." Peter tells Noah he wants to see him, and they look at the real Nathan's dead body in the trunk. Noah says the plane's ready, but he can handle this, and Peter doesn't have to have any part in it. Peter: "Yeah I do." Then he slams the trunk shut and we get our "Chapter Thirteen: Let It Bleed" chyron on the black inside of it as it closes.

Present Day. Peter's standing alone at Nathan's wake when someone comes up and tells him how awful it is. She wonders if the police said what caused it, and Peter just says, "Accident. Tragic accident." She apologizes for his loss and leaves him, still standing alone.

Carnival. Samuel's caressing some paper with his black-painted nails. He pulls out ink and touches it to the paper. It flicks around and then becomes a woman's face. I don't know if they've cast this role, but the drawing looks just like Kate Vernon. That would be pretty cool. As he's drawing, Doyle is thrown onto Samuel's table. He says he tried to stop him, and Samuel stupidly wonders who he tried to stop. Sylar walks up then, and Samuel says, "Sylar." Sylar: "Oh good, you remembered." Samuel tells Doyle to get everyone to safety, but Sylar says he's just delaying the inevitable, but right now he's much more interested in Samuel. Sylar says his memories were pretty fuzzy, but he still found his way back. He tosses his compass to Samuel and thanks him. Sylar says it's been awhile since his body and mind were together. He says it would be a crisis for a lesser man to have his soul ripped out of him, but not for Sylar. He says he returned with one simple, singular thought. Samuel tries hard to amuse me (and sort of does) by interrupting, "No, wait, don't tell me: Fun?" But Sylar's having none of that. "Feast." He tosses Samuel up against the trailer and compliments him on bringing a lot more people in to make him more powerful, but Samuel says no, it makes him more powerful. Samuel tells Sylar that if he kills him now he'll never know the big plans Samuel has for him. Sylar says everyone has big plans for him, and he thinks it's all people have. As Sylar holds up his forehead-cutting finger, the dirt starts to spin up around him, at Samuel's bidding. It spins a whirlwind around him, totally messing up his pretty face. He falls over and Samuel smiles. Title card.

Claire's dorm room. She's being totally normal and applying mascara when there's a knock at her door. It's her dad, who hugs her and asks if she's all right. She just says she wasn't expecting to see him and walks off. He thought he'd give her a lift to the wake, but she tells him she would prefer if he didn't come, since he lied to her, once again, this time about Nathan's death. She asks if he forgot that it was Sylar, and what Sylar did to her, since he dressed him up in Nathan's face and she hugged him and felt love for him. Noah says they made a bad decision, but they thought it was a good way to contain Sylar and keep Nathan alive. He says they shouldn't have done it, but she says they did and she needs time to grieve without being reminded why. So, apparently Mama Petrelli won't be at the wake either.

Speaking of both: Wake. Mama Petrelli walks up on Peter looking out a window, and tells him she keeps looking out for Nathan too. She tells him this can't have been easy on Peter, covering everything up with Noah. She asks how he is, and he turns and snarkily tells her he's okay. She says Nathan was a better liar, and Peter says he must have gotten it from her. Then, because he's Peter, he quickly apologizes and says she doesn't deserve that but he wants to put his fist through a wall right now. She corrects him that he wants to put a fist through Sylar. She tells him not to do it, though, that Nathan was right: He needs to fight the good fight, and revenge will only get him killed. She can't bear to lose him too. He sees Claire come in, and heads over to hug her. He invites Claire to help him with something in the kitchen, and she asks if he's trying to escape. Uh, duh.

In the kitchen, they dismiss the actual caterers and start chopping vegetables as they talk. She says she told her dad not to come, because she's pissed; isn't he? Peter says he is, and she's glad since he's the only person who's on the same page as her. Actually, Claire, we're all pissed about this storyline. I promise. She says it's a hell of a lie, and Peter says they were trying to protect them. She gets that but doesn't know how they thought they'd get away with it. She cuts herself and screams "Ow!" as she starts to bleed. She wonders why it's not healing, and Peter says he has the Haitian's power and will turn it off (there is a switch inside his brain, I guess). She asks him not to, and we get the episode's title. He bandages her up, and she says it's nice to feel pain, and feel normal. Peter says they're anything but normal. She says that mourning Nathan couldn't be more ordinary. She can't believe he's gone, but she hopes he can find heaven since he was a terrible navigator for a guy who could fly. She laughs, and Peter wonders why. She says he gave her endless grief for dating a guy who could fly, saying she has daddy issues (she admits she does). Peter asks whatever happened to West anyway, and Claire says he goes to NYU and is her Facebook friend. She says it's nice telling stories; it makes it easier. She asks what about him, since he must have a million of them. He says he better take the lemons or whatever he's cut up out there.

Bennet's apartment. He arrives home in the dark and opens a window. Edgar's hovering outside and sneaks in at super speed. Luckily, HRG knew what was up and turns around and zaps him with a stun gun. He looks down at Edgar and says, "Won't get fooled again." After commercial, Bennet's paying off the Japanese guy at the restaurant in his building, thanking him for letting him use his freezer for his "needs." He tells him he'll need the restaurant to himself tonight. He gives him money, and the restaurateur agrees. When Lauren comes in and greets him, he calls her the "Iron Maiden," and realizes this is serious. HRG thanks him as he leaves, telling everyone to leave on his way out. Lauren's like, "Iron Maiden, seriously?" He says she earned that nickname back in the day. She wonders why he's not at the wake, and he brusquely says Claire didn't want him to come, and asks if she brought the sodium thiopental. She wonders if he wants to talk about this, but he says there's nothing to talk about: He lied to Claire, she didn't want him to come, he should have followed his gut and this might not have happened. She asks if the truth serum's for him so he can confess everything to Claire. He says "Not exactly," but of course means, "Not even a little bit." He asks if she remembers the speedster in Miami. She does, and she calls him "Carlos, the Cuban missile crisis." HRG says it turns out speedsters don't like cold, or Quaaludes. But mostly cold. She realizes it would tighten their muscles and level the playing field. He opens the freezer and tells her to meet Edgar. We zoom in on a tied-up Edgar and then HRG gets a syringe of truth serum as he tells Lauren Edgar's going to tell him all about the carnival.

Carnival. Lydia the Tattooed Lady asks Samuel why he put Sylar in her trailer, and he says she's going to help him. He explains Sylar's not dead, as he's amazingly resilient. (Does Samuel not watch this show or something?) Samuel say

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