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Sylar Has a New Crush
s there's something wrong with him even though all the parts are back in place. Lydia starts to say something, but Samuel says it's not that (whatever "that" was going to be). He says Sylar had the chance to end him, but he's not the cold-blooded killer he once was, but he's also not the blank slate. He wants Lydia to find out who Sylar is now. She asks how, and he says with her charming personality. She says she's not a piece of flesh for him to toss around, but he says she didn't mind last time. And he goes on that everyone has to do their part and if she were strong she'd do construction; if she were smart, she'd teach the kids. But she has her hands, meant for a softer trade: plying out the demons that haunt men's souls. He kisses her hands and tells her not to disappoint him. She watches him walk off then actually looks delighted as she heads back in to see Sylar.

Sylar's asleep in her bed, so she runs her hand up his chest. He wakes and she tells him his skin's so soft, like a baby. He asks what she's doing, and she says she's going to help figure out what's wrong with him. He sits up and says there's nothing wrong with him, but she says she heard differently, that he couldn't kill Samuel. She says she knows why and starts to kiss him. He turns away and she asks what he's afraid of. So he kisses her back and they start to undress him. She climbs on top, and as they make out and rub against each other he flashes on Parkman, Peter, Nathan, Claire. He pulls away, and she says he's lonely and afraid he's going to die alone. But he wants love; he just doesn't think he deserves it. He asks if she knows what he does to people like her. She says he cuts open their heads and steals their powers. He says she sees what people want: their desires, their hopes. He likes it. He starts kissing her again and then stops to ask what the tattoos are for. She says they're a map to find what you need. He grabs her roughly and tells her she doesn't want to help him; she wants to manipulate him to her agenda to kill Samuel. He says he can see what she wants since he got her powers. He doesn't need to kill, it's just something he likes to do. She says, "Not anymore. You're impotent." He throws her aside and seems a little sheepish as he picks up his shirt and leaves. Okay, did she mean actually impotent, or impotent of the brain?

Claire's looking at photos at the wake when Mama Petrelli walks up and says she tried to find photos of Claire but there weren't any. Claire says, "Not of the illegitimate daughter." Mama Petrelli tells her Nathan wanted to acknowledge her, but she told him not to, that it would tarnish his reputation and career. Claire's heard the story. Mama Petrelli asks if she's angry, and she says she's disappointed in her and her dad. Weird. She said pissed not twenty minutes ago. She says she's supposed to look up to her elders, but she can't believe a word either of them says. Angela can't blame her, but she says Claire has a good head on her shoulders and it's Peter she's worried about. Claire actually does believe that. Angela says he's empathetic beyond his years (what with being an empath, and all), but now it's his turn to grieve and he has no idea how. She tells Claire he needs a shoulder to lean on, and Claire's would be nice. She says she's his mother, but he will never trust her again. She sends Claire to him on the roof (where he's listening to a police scanner) and asks her to please help him. I don't think anyone can say no to helping Peter Petrelli, can they? When Claire gets there, though, Peter's gone. Luckily she hears a scanner call about a shooting suspect, so she knows where to find him. Peter arrives somewhere behind a cop (or security guard), whom he touches on the head and knocks out. I really have no clue what the Haitian's power does, apparently, because ... what was that?

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