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Sylar Has a New Crush

Peter's helping a woman who's been shot in the leg, applying pressure to the wound, when Claire arrives. He wonders what she's doing there, and she says she followed him. He doesn't really care, though. He just needs her help to put pressure on the wound. He introduces Claire to the shooting victim, Wendy, who tells Peter the shooter is Adam Malamut, who got fired and then went crazy. Hey, an economy story on Heroes! Claire tells Peter not to do this, and asks him why he's doing it anyway. He says he needs to be more than a Band-Aid and walks off. She tells him to wait, since she's the one who can't get hurt by bullets. But he ignores her and takes off. Wendy doesn't seem to notice that weird reveal, as Claire just talks to her about how to breathe. She's not having a baby, though, is she? Because that would really be inconvenient.

In the freezer, Edgar's bleeding but still hasn't told Bennet anything about what Samuel's planning or where he is, judging from the torture that's still going on. Bennet grabs one of Edgar's knives and talks about the weight feeling familiar, so it must be the one that cut him. He threatens Edgar with it, but Lauren busts in and asks Noah if she can talk to him. They whisper in a different part of the freezer, I guess. She gets that he's angry about being sliced up by Edgar, but she thinks he's going too far. He says this isn't about revenge; he just wants some answers. Lauren knows he does, but she can tell him that torture doesn't work. She says she may have been the "Iron Maiden" back in the day, but she's changed and she might be shoving her liberal agenda down his throat, but he's emotional and losing his target. He says he's not, but she says he's worried about Claire and what Samuel's done and said to her. She says these medieval tactics are getting him nowhere. He thanks her for the truth serum (that's his "Don't let the door hit ya," which is awesome), but she stops him and says to stop using Edgar as a punching bag and start talking to him. She tells him to be objective and look at the facts of the situation. HRG says Edgar doesn't have a compass, and Lauren asks why he doesn't have one. She promises him that honey tastes sweeter than vinegar.

Claire's still with Wendy when the shooter comes back and asks who she is. Peter comes back and tells him not to worry about her, but to point the gun at him. Claire tries to tell him not to do that, but Peter has a death wish. The guy asks if Peter works here, but Peter says he doesn't, that he's just like the shooter: having a bad day. He says he just buried his brother, who was murdered, and then he had to stage his death as if he's a mobster or a spy. And now everyone wants him to be normal, but it's far from that. Why would he reveal the death staging to the shooter and the victim? Is everyone on this show missing a part of their brain? The shooter asks the same question: Why is Peter telling him this. Peter says it's because he understands where the guy's at right now, wanting to punish the people who have hurt him. Peter gets it. He wants to torture the guy who murdered his brother, to make him scream (dirty!); it's all he can think about. But he's trying to be hopeful and strong even though he feels himself slipping. He says he promised his brother he'd be a hero and asks him not to make him a liar today. The guy shoots Peter, apparently to shut him up. Thanks for that, shooter.

Peter's on a stretcher, telling Claire it hurts every time. He says he thought he'd get there first, but he did take him down. Claire says, yep, he saved the day. Peter says it's her turn and holds out his hand to borrow her power. She doesn't do it, and says it won't solve anything. He tells her to stop messing around, but she says he's the one running off after danger, trying to get himself killed. She says he has to stop, but he says he can't. She touches him, but says she won't always be here to be his personal safety net. He gets up in full view of everyone milling around the crime scene, because no one would notice if the guy who got shot did that, right? He says this is a good ability to hang onto. She asks what's so great about being a human pincushion, and he says that keeping on moving and acting on instinct means he doesn't have to think... She finishes: "About Nathan." He just sighs through his teary eyes. She tells him Nathan would be pissed at him for lying to himself and to everyone. She says he's not honoring Nathan's memory, but avoiding it. He cries that if he thinks about it, then it's real. If he mourns, it's real. You can tell Claire's sympathetic even while she's annoyed that he won't just listen to her. He says he misses him, and she knows. She misses him too. Commercials.

Back in the restaurant freezer, HRG brings a cup in and asks Edgar if he likes tea, then: "Of course you do, you're British." Edgar says he thought the skirt was the good cop, and HRG tells him to trust him; she is. This "talking" thing was her idea. If it were up to him, he'd be down to six fingers by now. He tells Edgar he saw him when he left Claire's dorm, and he could have taken him down at any time, with his super speed and all (more than 700 mph, by the way). So Edgar must want Bennet alive, and he asks what he needs him for. He asks what Edgar's doing out here with no compass, and no way to get home. Edgar admits he's been exiled for finding out that Samuel killed his brother, Joseph. He says Samuel convinced everyone it was Edgar's fault. Noah asks if they just believed him on his say-so, and Edgar just looks at him. He asks if Samuel's recruiting more and what he's going to do with them. Edgar doesn't know. He says "Sammy" is all about saber rattling. He ordered Edgar to kill Danko, and slice up Noah. "Sorry 'bout that." Noah says Edgar doesn't seem like a hit man to him. Edgar says he's a juggler, which Joseph told him, and he said it's the most useful skill a man can have because if he can keep a torch, chainsaw, and knife in the air, what can't he do? HRG asks why he's here, and he admits that he thought if he brought him back, Samuel would take him back. HRG asks if he'd go back after Samuel killed his brother and blamed it on him. Edgar says he's afraid of what Samuel's going to do to his friends and where he'll lead his family. HRG says that makes two of them, and they could help each other: "Enemy of my enemy makes us ... less antagonistic." Man, this episode is better than that first half, isn't it? And you know why? Not Sylar. Not even Peter. Bennet. This show is barely surviving now, but it would die a sudden and ugly death without him. Edgar smiles as HRG says they could stop Samuel together before he has a chance to hurt the people they love the most. Edgar asks if the tea's gone cold and then he drinks it.

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