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Sylar Has a New Crush

Carnival. Sylar's digging through Samuel's stuff looking for ink, but Samuel says he destroyed the last batch by throwing Doyle at him. Sylar tells him to make more. Samuel asks if Sylar wants a tattoo to tell him where to go next, but he says Sylar's already here. Samuel says he knows why Sylar can't kill, since Lydia told him everything. Sylar breathe-talks, "I doubt she told you everything." Oh, about the impotence? I think she told him that, Sylar. They probably had a good laugh. Oh, wait, he means the Lydia wanting to kill Samuel bit. Yeah, she probably didn't share that. They both look at Lydia, and Samuel says Sylar thinks people are lying, manipulative bastards so he thinks Samuel wants to con him. But he says Sylar's alone and needs a friend. Sylar cheesily asks, "Even though I tried to kill you?" Samuel, even more cheesily: "Especially because you tried to kill me." He goes on that we all need people to care for us, blah, blah, blah, platitudes. When did this show become Smallville and Samuel become Bo? (At this point, that might actually be an increase in quality.) Sylar finds the folded-up picture of Ellen Tigh and asks who she is. Samuel says it's Vanessa, the love of his life. He would move mountains for her (literally) if she'd ask him. Sylar says he hasn't seen her around, and Samuel says she's not. She's out there because he's afraid she'll reject him for who he is, for what he's done. He says that's how Sylar feels too, like no one could love him. Sylar tells him to stop pretending he knows who he is. Samuel says he knows Hiro told him he's going to die alone, and it's haunting him (so, just like them going back and changing things so that Sylar's never had to cut open a head, we also are supposed to believe that this Sylar who did everything over the course of this series was told that by Hiro before that and it's haunted him. But he's only now, in this moment, impotent (of the brain).) He says he knows him, because he is him: Not a good guy, but not all bad either. And he has found love and forgiveness and acceptance here, and Sylar can too. Sylar says that's fine, if that's what the tattoo shows him. He asks Samuel if he's afraid he'll see something else, but Samuel says he's a carnie, and lives for games of chance. Samuel takes some dirt and a clay pot and apparently is going to make ink out of it.

Bennet's apartment. Edgar's sitting there drinking from a bowl as HRG asks Lauren if she's sure they should have him up here. She says trust begets trust. Edgar says he's never had miso soup before, and it's good. He thanks them. Noah says no, thank you, to Edgar, because he gave him a bunch of information that's on whatever piece of paper Noah's holding. He says the problem is, of course, finding it. Lauren points out Claire has a compass, but HRG's not putting her in the middle of this. He asks if Edgar has a way back in, and Edgar says Lydia, who has no great love for Samuel. He says good, and gets up and starts planning things out on their map of the carnival. He says they'll isolate Samuel in the backstage area. Edgar says nobody else gets hurt, right? Bennet says ideally, and Lauren says they'll do everything they can, but this is a raid. They tell Edgar they'll do everything they can to help everyone, and will find them all homes. Edgar protests here, though, saying they have a home: the carnival. He says the only problem is Samuel. Lauren and HRG protest that Samuel's brainwashed everyone and, well, it is sort of a cult, so I guess busting it up is the best way. Edgar says they're all lambs, and know no better. Edgar's using a chopstick to undo his handcuff behind his back as Lauren points out this is like a cult and his friends need help. Edgar says the friends need to be left alone. HRG says that left alone out in the open makes them targets and that never ends well. He says reintegrating them into the real world will help them. Edgar jumps up, and tells HRG it was a mistake coming here, thinking he could trust him. He says he won't let them hurt his family. HRG tells him to slow down (nice pun, HRG), since he's not a violent person. Edgar agrees, but says HRG is. He speedsters out, taking the map of the Carnival Compound with him.

Carnival. Sylar's shirtless because that never gets old. I mean, it sort of does, but if we have to tolerate his annoying mannerisms, we might as well get to see some flesh. Samuel puts some ink in Sylar right above his nipple and they both watch it move up to his shoulder, then it goes across his back. Sylar asks what it's doing, and Samuel tells him to stop trying to force it and just let it happen. The ink stops on his forearm, and Samuel looks at it and says, "Well, isn't that interesting." Whatever they see makes Sylar tell Samuel he guesses he was wrong, and he doesn't belong there. He puts on his shirt (boo!) and leaves.

On a rooftop, Claire and Peter are sitting side by side. She likes it better up here. Peter says he has a love-hate relationship with rooftops. Dude, seriously. The learning to fly. The dropping your brother. Peter asks if Claire's going back tonight, and she says she is going back for school tomorrow. (This cannot be the Monday after Thanksgiving. I think I have to let go of the timeline, don't I?) She adds that she'll stay if he wants her to, but he says he's fine. She looks worried and says she has to trust him. She can't have him lying to her, not him. He says he'll always be honest with her. He says he has a strange request, and asks if she could call her old boyfriend, West, for him. She says yeah, and asks why, but the scene ends before he answers.

At his apartment, HRG says he blew it. Lauren says he's being hard on himself. When he says he thought the expression was "too hard on yourself," she's like, "No, I got it right." I actually love their chemistry and rapport. Forgive me for hating that flashback where they added her to the backstory because now I'm happy she's here. He asks her if she still thinks honey tastes sweet. She does think it was the right move. She says she's seen this before with other cult leaders: Samuel's done a number on all of them. He agrees Samuel's hooks are in all of them, and Lauren asks if he means Claire. He says he does, but Lauren says he's still her father, and the only one she has left. She says the thing about burnt bridges is they can be rebuilt. They smile cutely at each other. But then he turns away and calls Claire on his Sprint phone. No answer.

Theme music starts up as Peter stands alone on a rooftop, looking at a picture of Nathan. He folds it up and puts it away, then slowly hovers up and flies quickly away. Samuel says, "Vanessa," as he tapes up a hole in a Vanessa drawing. He opens a drawer and puts it inside, where we see numerous other Vanessa drawings. Just so we don't think this storyline was added one episode ago or anything. Claire arrives home to her dorm room to find a note from Gretchen, who's studying late in the library. She checks her phone, and ignores her dad's call. She lies down on her bed, then the camera pans out of the room, where Sylar's sitting in a tree with a Claire tattoo on his arm. Which is gross and weird enough, but then he says, "Helloooo, cheerleader." Really, he said that. First of all, hasn't Claire not been a cheerleader for, like, three seasons? So, here's what I think: Sylar's whole impotence storyline has something to do with this. He thinks that Claire can heal him or whatever, and it's probably leading nowhere pretty. Which is obvious, because when Sylar's sitting in a tree staring at someone through a window as ominous music plays, it can't end well. Unfortunately, my TiVo cut off right after "To Be Continued..." so I can't tell you anything about the next episode.

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