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Previously: Claire met her birth "parents"; Officer Matt got into his wife's head...and then back into her pants; Niki found out ikiN had framed her husband, D.L.; ikiN and D.L. had a shape-shifty, furniture-breaking battle royale that left Niki unconscious on the floor; Peter Petrelli snogged Simone and had ooky grey eyeballs; and I edited Wing's recap and changed all the spellings of "Bennet" to "Bennett," which I should not have done, and for which I apologize. ["Firred." -- Wing Chun] And now, an all-new Heroes.

Bedside with Simone's dad, Charles. Peter Petrelli is back in his nursing scrubs and advising Charles on a stock. Charles teases Peter that he doesn't know squat about stocks because he makes minimum wage, and advises Peter to look at him, by contrast -- living in a penthouse on Central Park West. "Correction: dying in a penthouse in Central Park West," Peter mutters, as Charles starts hacking. Nice bedside manner, Pete. Who'd you pull that power off of -- Michael Mancini? Charles takes the black humor well, though, and laughs through the borking and wheezing. Then, as Peter listens to his lungs, Charles tells him that "in the end, all that matters is love," pauses, and tells Peter he loves him. "I love you too, Charles," Peter says, and it's a nice moment; it's also about here that I realize this is a dream sequence. Charles continues to compliment Peter, saying that Peter's "power" and "strength" are that he knows who he is and knows his own mind. Peter, smirking, goes to the window and opens it and tells Charles "a little secret" -- namely that he can fly. Charles chuckles and challenges Peter to show him. "Watch this," Peter says, grimly determined, and marches from the back of Charles's bedroom straight out the window and into the swooping Chrysler-building helicopter shot we've seen many times before, then into white-out.

Cut to Peter waking up to the sound of his apartment-door buzzer. At the door is Simone, looking puffy; she comes in and tells Peter, "It's my dad." Peter evidently has not watched TV or a movie before and therefore fails to intuit that Charles has gone to The Great Dream Sequence In The Sky, saying instead that it's weird, he was just dreaming about Charles. Simone snurfles that Charles died about an hour before, and Peter pulls her into a hug. "I needed to see you," sobs Simone. Over her shoulder, Peter blinks a lot and looks freaked. Not entirely about you right now, duder.

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