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After the commercial, brunch is continuing. Peter is grazing and spreading a thick layer of bullshit about Nathan's nurturing qualities. Nathan and Heidi both look like they're suppressing giggles; Dennison dryly observes that they're a "pretty special family." "You have no idea," Peter tells him. Nathan glares some more. Dennison snarks that it's all "very inspiring," before changing the subject to Linderman's investment in Nathan's campaign. Nathan tries to play it off by saying that Linderman was a good friend of his father's, but Dennison won't be put off: "So you don't deny going to Las Vegas to meet with a reputed mobster." Nathan -- who seriously must have no idea how politics and/or spin control work -- bitterly rolls his eyes, and then gets confrontational: "Is that why you're here?" Not exactly; Dennison spoke to a former member of Nathan's security team, and mentions that there was "a bit of a scare" during Nathan's visit to Sin City. Heidi's bland smile turns into a look of befuddlement as Dennison adds that Nathan disappeared from the casino for several hours..."and there was a blonde involved?" Uh oh. Heidi possessively rubs Nathan's arm, her big engagement setting foregrounded in the shot, and pulls a boo-boo-kitty face. Um, could these people be any more naïve about the media, or any worse at hiding their true emotions? I know I keep harping on this, but exactly what questions did you expect a reporter to ask you, a man campaigning for political office -- your favorite color? Ma Petrelli looks almost amused as Nathan tries for a geologic era to come up with a response, and fails; Peter has to jump in and cover him, lying that Nathan was helping him deal with his "mental-health...issues" at a clinic outside Vegas, that the blonde was a doctor at this clinic, and that Peter made Nathan keep it a secret, even from the family. Nathan recovers at last and tags in on the story, glibbing that he didn't want to say anything until he cleared it with Peter. Ma Petrelli is like, "...Huh," and looks at Peter with newfound respect while Peter makes "that's Nathan, making time for his little brother even at a time like this" noises, then squints at Nathan all "you owe me big-time, bizzatch."

Radiationhaus. Clea gives Matt pills to counteract any possible radiation poisoning; he gulps them down, and then pointedly avoids a call from that hussy Janice, and when Clea asks about it, he changes the subject, saying that he doesn't think Rad Man is Sylar. Clea isn't convinced, but Matt shows her what he found in the bedroom: chemo pills, prescribed to a Karen Sprague (a.k.a. Mrs. Rad Man) by the late Dr. Fresco.

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