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Niki's on the phone: "Hi -- this is Niki Sanders from Las Vegas? I need your help." She's calling Nathan, who's not happy about it and tells her in hushed tones that she shouldn't have called him there, but Niki repeats that she needs his help: her husband took her son, and she has nowhere else to go. As Heidi wheels into the room behind him, Nathan snaps that he can't help Niki; he must sense Heidi's presence, because he quickly adds that Niki has the wrong number, and ends the call. He tries to distract Heidi from the seventeen kinds of guilt on his face by asking where their sons are. Heidi isn't that easily distracted: "In the play room. ...Do you still love me, Nathan?" To his credit, Nathan makes a "duh" face and responds immediately that of course he does. Heidi knows what "this chair means" to them as a couple, but she's going to walk again: "The doctors say it's a long shot, but I can do it. If I have a reason." Nathan gulps. "We just need some hope, Nathan," says Heidi. "That our life can be like it was." No response. Long shot of Heidi absorbing the fact that Nathan's saying nothing, and then gathering her mental energy and telling Nathan to tell her that the story Peter told at brunch is what actually happened: "If you say it is...I'll believe you. Just give me some hope." Nathan lies pretty convincingly: "It's true." Heidi nods a little to herself, committing to it although Nathan's obviously hiding something. Nathan grins at her: "Come on." She nods again, signaling him not to push his luck. He goes to get the kids ready for bed, and squeezes her shoulder on the way out, and she smiles, looking relieved. Great acting by Rena Sofer in this scene.

Niki smashes a mirror, and then turns away from it, looking pleased. Tina rushes in to ask what happened; her back to Tina, Niki(-ca?) tells her that she should just go. Tina's not getting it, asking if Niki's okay, but apparently it's Jessica -- despite the fact that her hair is limp, which would indicate Niki -- and she turns and tells Tina in a low voice, "I said that you can go now." Tina tries to reassure (who she thinks is) Niki that she's there to help, but Jessica flatly informs her that Niki "doesn't need your help anymore. Understand?" Tina is frightened and runs away. So...she believes her now? This whole subplot is so frustratingly executed, super-slow for ages and then randomly jumping forward. Could we just skip ahead to the part where everyone involved already knows Niki has an alter ego?

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