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At the hospital, Clea expositions that they're running Ted through a decontamination chamber, and then putting him in some kind of special holding tank downtown. "How'd he cause all that damage with his bare hands?" Matt wants to know. Matt, try to keep up. There's a bunch of fried shit in his house, along with crazy-high radiation readings; his young wife just died of cancer; he brought the nurse's arm to a boil by holding it for all of a minute and a half. He is Radiation Man, uh duh. You know, sometimes this show is refreshingly quick to get to the point, but other times, it's like, how many "I don't get it"/"that can't be"/"you're crazy"/"I have a secret, and it's...oh, never mind" conversations do we have to sit through? If Matt can read people's minds, should it not be a shorter logical leap for him to conclude that this dude is also special? Clea has my back, rolling her eyes a little and asking, "How do you hear what people are thinking?" Matt smirks, all, "good point," and Clea adds that he did a great job, which Matt sort of deflects by saying that Ted just wanted to talk to his wife and say goodbye. "You talk to your own wife yet?" Clea asks. "You've been dodging her calls all day." Matt thinks about saying something, but doesn't. Instead, he grabs Clea and kisses her, and she tears his clothes off, and they do it right there on the floor. ...Oh, wait. That doesn't happen. But it will. We'll have to wait until Season 5 at the rate this storyline is "progressing," but it will happen. ["Really? I think that if Matt got into Clea's head, he would find it full of Georgia O'Keeffe prints and Le Tigre albums." -- Wing Chun] What actually happens in this scene is that Clea is kind of embarrassed and looks down and says that she's heading downtown to process Ted, and Matt distractedly says okay, and she gives him another "pick me" look before walking away. Matt calls home, gets the machine, and leaves a message saying that he thought Janice would be home by now, and that he's calling just to talk. Shot of their empty living room as he adds that he has "this stupid idea in [his] head" that he's losing Janice -- which he should, that strumpet -- and he feels like there's something she isn't telling him. Another shot of the living room, and Janice walks into the frame, arms tightly crossed over her middle, as Matt talks about not wanting to live with any regret or blame or things going unsaid. Janice chews her lip. Matt says he loves her and he just wanted to tell her that. Well, tell it to Clea, because Janice sucks. Matt signs off; Janice looks guilty. And hated. By me.

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