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Nathan's on the phone with Linderman, saying that Peter has developed an "emotional attachment" to the painting, and that he doesn't know what will happen if Peter can't get it back, but he doesn't want to find out. Pause. "Directly to the gallery." Pause. "Mr. Linderman, I appreciate it." He hangs up and works his jaw muscles.

Peter's apartment. Peter opens the door to Nathan, and then greets him by snapping that he needs to tell Heidi the truth. Nathan says that Heidi doesn't need the truth, "she needs hope." Peter calls this "some kind of excuse," but Nathan says that he's not saying what he did was right: "I just needed to be with someone who didn't make me feel guilty every time I looked at her." So, when you look at Niki, you wouldn't feel guilty about cheating on the wife we're being led to believe you had a role in maiming? Pasdar deserves huge credit for making this even remotely sympathetic, because: live with it, Nate, good God. While Nathan is talking, Peter is flouncing angrily around the apartment, and he stomps up to Nathan and asks if he talked to Linderman. Nathan tells him to sit, and says that Linderman isn't going to give up the painting, so Peter should leave it alone: "It's just a painting." No, it isn't, Peter says; it's the key to what's going on with the two of them, and with the painting, they can make a difference. Nathan is trying to make a difference the best way he knows how: "Flying around -- how is that gonna help anybody?" He doesn't have a gun or a badge, he doesn't know karate -- what's he supposed to do when he gets there? These are not bad points. But then Nathan sneers that he guesses he could put on a costume and pull cats out of trees -- and for the record, I would watch an entire hour of Pasdar doing that, but what can I say, I like trees -- and asks again how that makes a difference, and Peter makes a good point of his own: "You're not gonna know until you try." Nathan's like, yeah...no; he says he's sorry about the painting, and makes to leave, but when he gets to the door, he stops, comes back, and tells Peter what else happened in Vegas: two guys pulled him out of his room, and that, to get away, he flew. Peter asks about the guys; Nathan identifies one as Bad Dad, and the other as "this spooky Euro dude, he didn't say a word." Peter mutters, "Son of a bitch," and then asks if Nathan expects him to believe this story. It's clear he thinks he's being humored, although in his defense, he probably is, just not for the reasons he thinks. Nathan insists that he isn't lying. "No?" Peter snots. "No," Nathan snots right back. "Think about it -- what would people do if they knew what we were capable of? They'd lock us up and they'd throw away the key." "Now who sounds crazy?" Peter snarks, looking like he might cry. Nathan is pissed that he revealed anything, and grits, "Be careful." "Yeah," Peter says, glaring through his doofy hair. Nathan leaves. Peter broods.

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