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Bennet's Home for Indestructible Friends. Claire answers the door for Zach and snarks at him for not calling first, but Zach has found the infamous 1,001 Ways to Not Kill Yourself tape -- under his bed. Claire yoinks it out of his hand and thwacks him on the chest, and he's like, "I thought this was supposed to be good news," and she's like, "Maybe you could have checked under the bed before?" and he protests that he did, "like fifty times," but didn't find it until now. Probably because it wasn't there and was only recently re-planted on the premises, but maybe that's just me. Anyway, Sandra and Mr. Muggles appear just then, in an ominous shot that starts out showing only Sandra's heels; Sandra gets to the bottom of the stairs and very ceremoniously places Mr. Muggles on the floor in his little sweater (hee) while Claire and Zach adopt poses of obvious bustedness. "Good morning, Mrs. Bennet," Zach tries, and then, as Sandra and Mr. Muggles sweep regally past him, "Good morning...dog?" Hee! Sandra, looking completely put-upon, sighs, "How are you, Zachary?" Fine, he says, except that Claire keeps punching him -- which she does again right then. They all move into the kitchen, and we get a close-up of Claire stashing the tape under a clothing item of some sort while Sandra expositions that neither she nor Bad Dad will get home 'til late, so Claire is in charge of her brother Lyle. Claire's like, "Yeah, like he listens to me," and Sandra's all, Lyle knows "what a big day it is for Mr. Muggles" and doesn't want to stress him or Sandra out. Claire and Lyle exchange an "oy" look, and Lyle's like, "Whaaaaatever," and then Sandra asks Claire and Zach to help her out to the car, because Bad Dad left the sprinklers on and she doesn't want Mr. Muggles's paws to "get all soggy," and she says the word "soggy" with this really porno inflection. Lyle is left alone, which is his cue to spy the tape under the sweater on the counter and snag it.

Niki, cold-cocked on her bedroom floor. She comes to with a huge gasp, breathes, "Micah," and then runs through the house all ""WAAAAAAAALLLLLT!!" looking for him. He's gone, of course, and she fetches up in his bedroom, at a loss. Then she catches sight of herself in the mirror, approaches her reflection, places her hand on the glass, and raggedly says, "Help me."


Back from the break to the Parkman residence, where Matt is getting dressed and pointedly observing that things have been really good between him and Janice the last couple days. "I know!" Janice burbles. "I like it." Matt busies himself with his cuffs and takes a deep breath: "I just -- I feel like we've been really honest with each other. And that's good, right?" Janice, not sure where he's going with this: "Yeah...?" Another big breath from Matt as he tells Janice that there's something they "need to talk about -- something [he's] discovered." Janice is smiling bravely, but she looks scared, and her thoughts say, "I thought I'd been so careful." Ohhhhh no. You cheated on Agent Sean? Youuuuuuu TRAMP! Matt clearly didn't expect to hear that; Janice prompts him to go on, but Matt looks like he's about to barf -- and we've seen Grunberg make this face before, and it is a heartbreaker -- and says he has to go to work. Janice is confused. And hated. By me.

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