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Niki is wandering through her trashed house in a daze; we hear knocking, and then Tina appears, and she starts to get all "uch, now what" with Niki, but then seems to take in both the mess and Niki's shell-shocked body language, and asks, with genuine concern, "What is it?" "Micah," Niki chokes out, and tells Tina that D.L. came back, and that she tried to protect Micah, but she couldn't: "I failed him." While Niki's talking, Tina is giving her an inscrutable look, and almost looks like she might burst out laughing. Either the acting choice is way off, or Tina Knows More Than She's Letting On.

New York City. At Isaac's loft, Peter stomps in to inform Simone that Isaac's landlord says Isaac is gone, "just took his paintings and..." He trails off as he gets down the stairs and into the loft proper and realizes that Isaac has indeed stripped the place. Simone asks whether Peter knew Isaac was leaving; he didn't, and muses out loud that he can't believe Isaac would take off just when they were starting to "make sense of his paintings." Simone explains why she's there, instead of at her father's apartment making arrangements and phone calls, which, thank you for explaining that, because I've never grieved the death of a parent, thank God, but visiting my junkie ex wouldn't make my list of things to do that day, I don't think. Anyway, Simone says that she wanted to tell Isaac in person, and she shows Peter a sketch of Charles that Isaac had drawn for Charles's seventieth birthday. Then she pouts that she'd been trying to get Isaac clean for ages: "And the one time I need him..." She trails off, leaving the "he's not there" implied, but I don't have much sympathy for her; he's her ex, first of all, and second of all, she dumped him because he's -- from her perspective at least -- a fundamentally unreliable junkie. Why would you expect him to be there for you when you broke up with him because he's...never there for you? I know she's sad and all that, but: what? Shut up, Simone. "Feels like everybody's leavin' me," adds Simone. Kicked sharply in the shins with the Hint Boot, Peter responds that he's not going anywhere.

Simone zigs over to the subject of her father's last moments; he came out of his coma and started talking, saying he'd "been flying all over the world, but that it was a world he didn't recognize -- there were so many people filled with pain, nobody lookin' out for each other." Peter looks gassy. Simone adds that Charles worried for them, and for her -- until Peter told him that "everything would be okay." Peter frowns, and asks kind of combatively what that means. Simone knows it doesn't make sense, but repeats that Charles was flying with Peter, and that Peter told him it would be okay -- that there were people "who would make a difference. That [Peter] would save the world." Man, this is some clunky writing -- and Tawny Cypress is a pretty lady, but her The More You Know line delivery is not doing it for me. Peter carefully says that he never had that conversation with Charles; Simone says that, still, it sounds like something Peter would say, like the messages he left on her answering machine. Her tone gets kind of hostile as she reminds him that he said he needed one of Isaac's paintings because it would help him to save the world; she turns to him with her arms crossed, looking pissy. "It's hard to explain," Peter says, looking defeated. Simone stalks over to him: "But if you had that painting?" Peter knows he's losing the room: "I could save the world." "Linderman," Simone says. Peter: "Henh?" Simone sold the painting to a guy named Linderman who lives in Las Vegas. Again, hard to tell what's going on with the acting here; either Simone's so pissed at Peter that she's about to slap him, or she ate an entire head of cabbage the night before.

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