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Chateau Petrelli, where we get some exposition on how Nathan is spending his Lindermoney on campaign postcards. Nathan and Ma Petrelli have put the two postcard options down in front of Nathan's wife, Hei-- AUGGGHH! Of all the actresses in the world, the Heroes brain trust had to cast Rena "Showkiller" Sofer as Nathan's wife? Whyeeeeee?! I like this show! Almost all the other new shows I liked have already gotten shit-canned! Dammit. ...Okay, so, Heidi Petrelli, sitting at a table. She picks the postcard on the left, Nathan is all, "Red flag, Mom and wife agree on something," and he's heading out to the office to get the postcards printed up when Ma P drops some exposition on him about how the New York Journal wants to do a cover story on him. Ma P wants to invite the Journal reporter for family brunch in the service of said story. Nathan's like, "You're kidding me." Ma P never kids about family brunch. ["That's right -- brunch is too important to kid about." -- Wing Chun] Nathan: "That's because we never have family brunch." Ma P makes a "did you just enter politics this morning, because...doy" face while Nathan makes naïve noises about how the reporter is "gonna want something," and that he's not going to use his family for political gain, and Heidi speaks for us all: "Tell that to Peter." Nathan doesn't have anything to say to that; Heidi adds that Nathan's "been trying to protect [her] since this happened," and that she appreciates it, in theory, but in practice, it's "insulting," and she's not made of glass. "I know," Nathan says, looking guilty. "But we don't need this." He kisses her on the forehead and makes to leave, but she won't be dismissed, saying that four points behind in the polls says he does too "need this." Apparently, Heidi's had to hide in their (giant) house for six months because his polling said she'd make him look weak: "But now I can help by coming forward. Let me." Nathan asks if she's sure; she is, and she tells Ma P to set it up -- which, of course, Ma P already has: "Chef's been cooking all morning; [the reporter] will be here in an hour." She bustles out. Nathan and Heidi exchange an "oh, Alice" look, and Heidi says that she'd better get ready -- and pushes back from the table in her wheelchair, and then rolls out of the room. "Good idea," Nathan whispers, and to help us digest this reveal before switching to a different subplot, cut to a weird Changeling-y shot from high up the main staircase of Heidi wheeling herself through the foyer while plinky horror-movie music plays.

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