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Matt's getting changed for work and popping some pills when his shirtless partner appears and asks if he's okay. Matt lies that he is. The partner, whose name is Tommy, shows us the gun in the first act by backstorying that he and Matt have ridden together for three years, and that he can "practically read [Matt's] mind." Matt's like, "Yeah...not," but settles for saying that he doesn't know where to start. Tommy invites him out for a beer and to watch the Dodger game, and Matt says that he'd like that, but just then a series of wolf-whistles and catcalls heralds the entrance of Special Agent Clea Duvall into the men's locker room, because apparently it's 1974; also, Sylar's killed again and Clea needs Matt to come with her. Tommy's like, "Who in the what now?," but they both ignore him -- Matt to protest that he has to clear it with his watch commander, Clea to tell him it's taken care of and that he should put on some "real person clothes."

Bennet's Home. Claire bitches at Lyle to clean up after himself in the kitchen, and then realizes that the tape is no longer under her sweater on the counter. Upstairs, Lyle is watching in horror as Claire chucks herself off the bridge; behind him, Claire stomps in and asks what he's doing, and doesn't wait for an answer before grabbing at the video camera he's got hooked up to his computer. A tussle ensues; Claire prevails, but not before Lyle also sees Claire get whaled by a car and then stand up two seconds later, alive but with several limbs torqued out of alignment. "It's amazing what you can do with special effects these days, huh?" says Claire. "That was all special effects," Lyle says, clearly not buying. "Yeah, what else would it be?" squeaks Claire. Well, it "would be" a little late to try to play it off as no big deal, Grabby Hayes, but good luck with that strategy. Lyle agrees with me, grabs an industrial staple gun (which he would obviously have on his desk because...why? Whatever), and pops Claire in the back of the hand. "OW!" she yells, and "What the hell is wrong with you?" She yanks the staple out of her hand and frantically wipes the blood away. Lyle is transfixed by the wound, though, and for good reason, since seventeen times the amount of blood that a staple injury would actually cause is glooping up out of Claire's hand -- and then sucking itself back in and disappearing, along with any mark. Busted! Any other little brother in the world, including mine, would say something along the lines of "Dude...that rules!" and then staple his sister seven hundred more times, including in the face, just to see what would happen. Lyle, however, elects to look like he just ate a silverfish. Claire's "aaaaaiiieeeeeee!" face sends us to commercial.

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