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And the chase is on! Lyle is sprinting across the front lawn of Bennet's Home with Claire, Zach, and The Bongos Of Urgency in hot pursuit. He locks himself in the car; Claire expositions to Zach about what happened while Lyle hollers to various nonplussed neighbors and mailmen for help. Claire could conceivably punch a hole in the car window, reach in, and punch Lyle/grab the tape, but she settles for slapping the window in frustration instead.

Medical examiner's office. Clea explains to Matt that Sylar's latest victim is an oncologist named Robert Fresco. I really wish they'd named him "Al Fresco," but that's why I write about TV and not for it. Anyhoodle, Matt wants to start by figuring out the M.O., but Clea grumps that there is no M.O.: "Sylar's victims are random." That doesn't mean there isn't an M.O.; that means there's no apparent motive. The M.O. is how victims get killed, not why, which you'd think an FBI agent would know. Come on, show. Watch some Court TV. Anyway, Clea is frustrated that she can't explain any of the eight victims so far, and knows Dr. Fresco is the ninth. Matt is confused; over a shot of the ME waving a dosimeter over the corpse, Matt says that the guy looks like any other burn victim, but Clea explains that the body is putting out over 1800 curies of radiation. Matt: "Whoa." Word. Clea adds that hazmat didn't find any "incendiaries," but did find a fingerprint "seared to the bone, like a brand"; if they can match that print to someone in CODIS, she'll need Matt to "get inside his head -- pick him out of a crowd, find him in a building..." Matt interrupts to say that it's harder lately for him to "filter" the voices: "Hearing what they're really thinking...it can be ugly." Clea brusquely asks Matt what's going on; he seems about to confide in her when the computer conveniently beeps with a fingerprint match. Clea: "Theodore Sprague, a.k.a. Sylar. We got you." Because it's just that easy! Except not so much!

Cut to the desert. D.L. is driving and trying to draw Micah out; Micah, who wants to go home, is sulking. D.L. says that it's "not safe" for them to go home, "because of [Micah's] mother," and Micah wants to know if Niki is dead, but doesn't really believe D.L. when he says that she isn't. Micah then points out that "heroes don't run away -- bad guys do," and announces to his father, "You know what? You're a bad guy." D.L. denies this, but is obviously nettled by the seed of truth in it.

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