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Niki is unburdening herself to Tina -- or trying to, anyway, because when she reminds Tina that she started having "these bad dreams" six months earlier, Tina is very quick to dismiss her: "We all have bad dreams, Niki." Niki forges ahead, saying that she doesn't think they're "just dreams" and explaining that her reflection is not her reflection, it's another her, blah dee blah. Tina is clearly uncomfortable with this subject, and Niki's revelation that her alter ego "has a name -- Jessica" makes Tina physically squirm. Niki tries to explain that, when someone tries to hurt her, Jessica comes out, but Tina is not trying to hear that, and tells Niki very firmly -- and again, maybe this is just the writing, or the actress, but Tina's a little too authoritative here for me to think she doesn't know something -- that "there is no Jessica. It's just you." Niki says tearfully that no, she sees Jessica in the mirror and Jessica tells her she wants to come out again: "And the part of me that wants Micah back? Wants to let her do it."

Before The Tina Who Probably Knows Too Much can respond, we're back on the road in D.L.'s awesome vintage woody Wagoneer. He's in the process of laying one of those "it's complicated" non-explanations grown-ups give to their kids on Micah when they come upon a flaming car wreck. In the middle of an otherwise empty road in the desert where there's nothing to crash into, but: fine, let's just go with it. D.L. stops the car and jumps out, telling Micah to stay put. Micah's over pouting enough to lean out and yell, "Dad, don't!" as another car pulls up behind the Wagoneer. D.L. sprints toward the wreckage and tells the driver of the crashed car, who is weaving dazedly on the shoulder, to stay back; Micah jumps out of the Wagoneer, as do the guys in the car behind the Wagoneer -- Hiro and Ando. Yataa! Hiro asks what happened, and the three of them watch D.L. frantically trying to open the passenger door as Ando ratchets up the tension by observing that D.L. will never get the unconscious female passenger out in time. D.L. is pounding on the window and begging her to wake up. Flames. Anxious guitar. Fuel in the road catches fire. Micah starts toward his father, but Hiro takes his shoulders to stop him. Finally, D.L. shape-shifts his arm through the safety glass and opens the door from the inside. Hiro tells Micah, in English, "You no worry. I help." Ando gives Micah a "might happen, might not" look; Micah lurches forward again, but Ando stops him this time. The flames run even closer to the car, which D.L. is now in, freeing the passenger. Micah: "Dad!" Ando: "Hiro!" Hiro heads toward the car, but is stopped by the ring of running flame surrounding the wreck, and finally the fire reaches the fuel tank and the car explodes. Horrified, Hiro time-squints and stops the explosion already in progress. When he opens his eyes, everything's frozen -- Ando, half-hugging Micah; D.L., lugging the passenger away from the car door; a tire in mid-air, which Hiro delightedly pokes a finger through. He approaches D.L. and the passenger and sighs, "Why couldn't I have superstrength, too?," and then sets to shoving them away from the explosion, which resumes seconds later, knocking Ando and Micah to the ground. When they get up, D.L. and the car's occupants are safely on the shoulder; father and son share a relieved hug, and as Hiro struggles to his feet in the background, Micah says he thought D.L. died: "What happened?" D.L. doesn't know. Hiro is beaming; Ando gives him a proud thumbs-up.

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