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Back from commercials to the patio at Chateau Petrelli. The Journal reporter, Oliver Dennison, kicks off the awkwardest brunch ever by unsubtly observing that Heidi seems to be "adjusting well," and Heidi returns serve with "To the wheelchair. You can say it, Mr. Dennison. I lost my right to be sensitive when I married Nathan." Nathan looks vaguely nauseated, but manages a tight smile. Heidi faux-confesses that she had her "darker moments during rehabilitation -- I was angry for a long time." "At your husband," Dennison supplies through a mouthful of eggs Benedict. Despite the fact that 1) as deductions go, this one doesn't qualify as "brilliant," and 2) the entire point of this brunch is ostensibly to address the very questions Dennison is (granted, gracelessly) asking about the accident, all the Petrellis look disproportionately pinched. Do they not have invasive political coverage in the Heroes-verse? "Wasn't he driving?" Dennison adds. Heidi non-answers that she was actually angry "at God." She adds blandly, "But we seem to have made our peace."

Enter Peter on this line, prompting a series of awkward exchanges which make it clear not just to Dennison but to everyone else on earth, including babies yet unborn, that the brunch is totally staged and that Peter was totally excluded from it on purpose. Nathan excuses himself and leads Peter into a library-type room off the patio while muttering his customary "now is not the time"-type things. Peter tells him about Charles's death, which leads into yet another "we're special"/"no, you shut up" tiff between the brothers, Nathan pointing out that his career is riding on the family faking it through this brunch, Peter getting pissy that Nathan's ashamed of him, lather, rinse, repeat. "Oh, so I'm not family enough for you now?" Peter snits. "No, you're not," Nathan snaps. "Not when you could ruin an election for me." Yeah, we get it. So does Peter, who lets the comment pass in favor of asking Nathan to call Linderman and get a painting for him. Nathan doesn't want to "advertise" his connection to Linderman, and Peter's like, "What 'advertise,' just call him up and ask him about it!" Nathan condescendingly tells Peter that he's sorry, but Peter has to leave. Peter's like, no problem: "I'm just gonna fly off the terrace, okay?" Nathan glares at him. Peter baits him some more, suggesting that they do a couple of laps around the Statue of Liberty and give Dennison some material. Nathan, glumly: "You wouldn't." Well, he wouldn't if you'd stop treating him like he's a slow five-year-old, but since you apparently just became an older sibling yesterday, I think he's within his rights. Don't get me wrong, I love Pasdar, but I wish they'd stop writing his character as though he'd just met Peter a week ago. Peter claps Nathan on the shoulder by way of answer and heads for the patio. Nathan calls after him anxiously, but upon returning to the brunch table, Peter behaves himself, telling everyone that Nathan "gave [him] an earful for showing up in cords," but he's "trying to stay grounded." Nathan clasps him uber-fakely on the shoulder and says it's good to have him back. Heidi eyes Nathan with what looks like approval.

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