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Micah is questioning Hiro on the 9th Wonders comic book, saying that the issue isn't out yet. Hiro explains that he got it in the future, and that it's about him; he switches from Japanese to English to say that he teleported, he's driving the same car, he stopped the explosion and saved D.L., et cetera. Micah turns to give Ando an "is he serious?" look, and then recognizes Ando: "Hey -- didn't you visit my mom?" Ando is saved from answering by D.L., who asks if he and Hiro can take the crash victims to a hospital. Ando says that help is on the way; he called the police. That's D.L.'s cue to bail, but as he and Micah are heading back to the Wagoneer, Micah's saying that D.L. saved the motorists, "like a real hero," which means that they can go back and save Niki. It's not that easy, D.L. says. Micah's like, actually, it is: "We just go back." D.L. sits Micah on the hood of the Wagoneer and tells him that they can't go back, ever. Micah clearly isn't having that, but doesn't say anything. Sirens come up on the soundtrack. Hiro and Ando watch them get into the car and happily wave goodbye to them. Hiro: "Bye-bye!" Ando: "Take care!" Hee.

Bennet's Home. Lyle won't come out of the car. Claire demands the tape back; Lyle says that he's going to put it on YouTube and make "like a million bucks." "YouTube's free, you idiot," Zach tells him. Lyle wants to know if Claire's an alien, and after some unhelpful threats from Zach involving anal probing, Lyle decides that he's not coming out until their parents get home, throwing Claire into panic overdrive -- she begs Lyle not to tell Bad Dad and Sandra, or "they'll think it was a mistake to ever adopt [her]." Lyle looks chastened; he hadn't thought of that, apparently. "We wouldn't be a family anymore," Claire says. Shot of Zach, looking sad. Claire: "Please." Lyle sullenly rolls down the window and hands her the tape. "Thank you," she whispers. Lyle whatevers her and slinks out of the car, not meeting her eye; she hugs him, which he merely tolerates, and then Zach jumps at him all "boo!" and Lyle jumps and Claire whaps Zach again and whatever, indeed.

Clea and Matt arrive at the Sprague residence, without backup, about which Matt is not happy. He wants to know what Clea's deal is with Sylar, which...she's an FBI agent, Sylar's a serial killer. I don't think her motivation is that obscure. Clea doesn't answer, asking instead if Matt's "in [her] head." He isn't; he's just asking. She says that she's not letting Sylar get away this time: "I'm taking him down." Well...yeah. Asked and answered. They walk up the front steps and into a cluttered house; nobody's there. Matt smells something burning; the Geiger counter is clicking, but Clea says that the radiation levels are safe. Matt finds pictures with the faces burnt through, and the camera pans across x-rays, then a scorched keyboard, then a partially burnt door to another room. The radiation levels start spiking. Matt shows Clea the burnt-face pictures, and as she's processing that, they hear a clonky rustling from behind the burned door. Cocking their guns, they head toward it; then, after what seems like a week of creeping, they enter a room that actually looks kind of like Niki's garage studio, in which everything is trashed -- furniture overturned, bent fan blades, ash sifting down from overhead like snow. The Geiger counter is going bonkers as Matt asks what happened in there. Clea notes that the reading is 1800 curies of radiation, same as the dead body, and says, "Let's get out of here."

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