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Hinky and the Brain
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We start off by replaying the final bit from last week, with Mama Petrelli saying how her sons have been such a disappointment. Normally I'd think this reiteration unnecessary, but it's a sentiment that does seem to bear repeating. Sylar's eyes go wide as she affirms that he's her son, and adds that she never should have given him up for adoption. "But now I'm going to take good care of you, just like a good mother." She's leaning in so close she looks like she's going to lick him, which is gross, certainly, but goes a long way toward explain where the Petrelli boys get their predisposition toward incestuous touching. Sylar breathes, "Mama," and Mama Petrelli gives a smile that's the scariest thing I've ever seen. I'd rather let Maury Parkman into my head than have to see that again. She caresses his face as she tells him he's always been right to think of himself as special. "And you need to be strong for what's to come." She steels herself for a moment -- nice touch -- before calling outside the room for a "Bridgette," and ordinarily I'd look up the spelling of her name but I hope you'll forgive me in this instance. I'm not the one who's going to be engraving her headstone, right? Anyway, Bridgette is a leggy brunette who actually gets a speaking line before Mama Petrelli tells us (she really doesn't have to tell Sylar, given what she's got planned) that Bridgette has the ability to touch an object and see its history -- everywhere it's been, and everyone who's ever touched it. I wonder if the ability extends to people too. If so, I'm kind of glad she's dying before she happens to bump into Andy Dick. Sylar asks what she's going to do to him, and by way of answering, Mama Petrelli rips the IV off his face, the same IV that's presumably pumping in drugs that are incapacitating him, and answers, "Feed you." Sylar's eyes dart to the left...

...and we cut to Mama Petrelli exiting. She at least has the good grace to stop for a moment when she hears Bridgette's almost inhuman screams, but that's still not as good as, you know, NOT SNUFFING HER. I'm hoping, at least, that she has a reason to want Sylar to have this particular power, but if that's the case it isn't explained this episode. Anyway, Mama Petrelli resumes her determined march...

...and then, we get an uncharacteristic title card with the episode title, accompanied by a characteristically intrusive Mohinder voiceover about discovering our natures and HEROES and VILLAINS that brings us to Tracy, who's sitting in her apartment, apparently contemplating The Greatest American Reporter's icy death. She reaches out to a rose on the table and freezes it, and one of the petals floats to the table and breaks. Cool, I'm glad they're not wasting a lot of time on Tracy figuring out how to use her power. Now if she'd just freeze half the cast, we'd be getting somewhere.

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