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Hinky and the Brain

The three escapees are subdued, and Sylar wonders what the procedure is now. Bennet says he'll patch Flint up, tell the locals that they're Federal prisoners, and they'll get them back to Level 5. When Bennet leads Flint out, though, Sylar's Theme Ticking starts up, so you know he has other ideas. This, I liked -- it shouldn't be that easy to up and neuter him. Knox, figuring out what's about to happen (maybe his ability enabled him to pick up on Sylar's sudden emotional change?), makes a break for it out the back, just in advance of Sylar TKing the doors shut and advancing on Jesse, whose voice still seems to be gone. Sylar tells Bennet that he's right -- he's just a killer. Bennet tries to demur, but it's for naught, as Sylar TKs Jesse up against the glass like he's on an invisible crucifix, just like he did with Claire. Bennet tries one more time to tell Sylar he can fight it, but Sylar doesn't think he can. "It's the hunger." He points his finger, and a splash of blood on the glass right in front of Bennet takes us to the last commercial break.

Meredith is already in the kitchen when Claire enters. If I had to think of an appropriate way for this conversation to start, I'd be here all day, so good on Meredith for keeping it simple, apologizing for tricking Claire but telling her she did it for her own good. And I think it is an important lesson -- even though Claire can't feel pain, she can still be gotten the better of, and not just by Sylar. Meredith goes on that Claire's got a great home and family, and she should just take some time to recover from the attack. "You don't just wake up one morning and learn what life's all about. You gotta build it, brick by brick. And you gotta learn to save yourself before you can save the world." A little homespun and meta, sure, but I'll take it over Mohinder's flowery ramblings any day. Meredith finishes by saying there's nothing wrong with just being a seventeen-year-old girl for a while, and it's a good speech, but Claire's smile is a thin disguise for the fact that Meredith's words are clearly not hitting home. Not content to let Hayden Panettiere's acting do all the work, though, the script has her, while hugging her mother, throw a LOOK to the PRIMATECH BOX nearby. Okay, show, you have more than one actor where that would be necessary, but she's not one of them, okay?

So Matt's new future apparently shows him holding a dead woman in his arms, and he thinks stopping that from happening must be why he's there. Actually, you're there because Future Peter's an asshole, but while you're stuck you might as well go with your plan.

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