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Hinky and the Brain

Sandra comes into the living room and tells Meredith that the school called, saying Claire didn't show up. Meredith starts to apologize, but Sandra cuts her off and tells her in no uncertain terms that she is the decider when it comes to Claire, and they're not playing a game. "She just got attacked. Hurt." Meredith isn't easily intimidated, though, saying that Claire is looking to push back. "Smothering her, that's the best way to drive her away." Smothering her? Oh, Meredith. She says she just wanted to keep Claire there, but just at that moment, the doorbell rings, and Claire, wearing her cheerleading uniform and carrying a bag, comes hurrying downstairs to answer. It's some random girl, and Claire turns back and says she "totally forgot" about the "cheerleader sleepover retreat." Ohh, nicely played, Claire, forcing her to answer in front of both your friend and Meredith. Sandra freezes for a moment, but tells her it's fine, and she's gone.

In Reseda, Tracy rings Dr. Zimmerman's bell, and a total H!ITG! answers. It seems like he first thinks she's Niki, but when she identifies herself, he's like, oh -- the one from Beverly Hills. She looks a little freaked as she enters, and asks how he knows that's where she's from. "Do you know me?" Zimmerman: "Know you? I created you." Okay, now she looks a lot freaked.

We get a shot of a turtle (heh) around NeoIsaac's camp, where Matt now has some markings on his face and apparently is downing some hallucinogen that NeoIsaac prepared for him, as he opines, "I don't think it's working." Words that are usually followed by, "Hey, are the walls moving for you too?" NeoIsaac puts his headphones on Matt, and when Matt opens his eyes again, he's got the White Eyes of Prophetic Paintings. I wonder if NeoIsaac has a "You Can Paint The Future Too!" motivational tape in there. Mohinder then voices over about looking for answers and finding one's purpose as we see Nathan reading the Book of Genesis, Micah looking at a picture of him and his mother, Claire driving through the night with the Primatech box on the passenger seat, and Hiro and Ando, now in a cell in Unit 5. Sylar and Bennet reincarcerate Flint, and then Sylar turns to find his mother, holding his inmate's clothing. He deferentially says that he guesses she was wrong about him, but she merely tells him they'll see, and heads into the cell with him, like, I know this family has problems with boundaries but I really hope there's a curtain up in there or something. And it's not just a lack of privacy from his mother -- Bennet and The Haitian are watching. The Haitian asks if he's being replaced, but Bennet tells him it's only for a while. "Just until I find his weakness. And then I'm gonna kill him." And if that doesn't work, maybe Meredith will at least fireboard him for you. See you next week!

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