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Hinky and the Brain

Meanwhile, Nathan's wondering where Tracy is when Future Peter suddenly appears. Having gotten that voicemail from Peter-in-Jesse, Nathan is worried about him. He plays it for Future Peter, and as he says he's afraid the Unit 5 guys are going to hurt someone (good thinking, there) we cut to Peter-in-Jesse, whom we see as Peter sitting in the front seat but then as Jesse in the side mirror. Like, WE GET IT. Although when they get out of the car, he looks in the window, and Milo does an amusing little "Hmmm" look at his reflection. Don't worry, you'll have your pretty face back in about half an hour. Anyway, the Unit 5 guys have come to rob a bank, and Peter tries to suggest that they do it at night, since the place will be empty. Knox easily says that's not the plan, probably because he wants a lot of people around him so he can feed on their fear, and speaking of which, he can sense "Jesse" is terrified. He denies that, so they head in...

...and once inside, they all do their thing, with The German closing all the blinds, and Flint (oh, show) throwing some flames around and ordering everyone to the ground. Peter looks like he's wondering if he left the iron on at home.

At Unit 5, Bennet returns to find Mama Petrelli, who tells him she thought he'd be back earlier. He informs her that he's not there to re-enlist, but merely to make sure the prisoners are returned to their cages, and then he's going home to his family. Mama Petrelli smiles: "And our Claire." He tells her he'll need his old partner, but Mama Petrelli replies that The Haitian is on a "pickup assignment" for her. Just then, two flunkies wheel by the covered corpse of, undoubtedly, Bridgette, blood having seeped through the sheet at the head area, and I cannot do justice to how "yeah...so anyway" both Bennet and Mama Petrelli are about the whole thing. Bennet tells her the "one of us, one of them" rule has to be obeyed, and Mama Petrelli agrees -- which is why she's teaming him up with Sylar, who's just getting himself cleaned up after his feeding frenzy. Sylar steps forward and gives Bennet an evil smile, and I know it's a different show, but since we've got Kristen Bell around, how much would Gossip Girl be loving this shit? "Spotted: LonelyPsycho and Glasses Dad, suddenly serving on the same side. But is it an Odd Couple, or a Gruesome Twosome?" You know you love me. XOXO -- Title Card.

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